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Terrorism: End the duplicity

Europe is reeling under yet another terrorist attack on one of its capitals; its cities are locked down and on high alert. All Sri Lanka can say is “we’ve been there before; we’ve seen it all”. We know the pain and anguish law-abiding peace-loving citizens are going through in those…



‘Baby’ of Medical Faculties takes big strides

‘Baby’ of Medical Faculties takes big strides

It has come of age taking its place among the vibrant state Medical Faculties in the country, building on the rubble of a controversial private medical college. The…

They came, they cleaned and want you to do the same

The beautiful Morawala beach in Pitipana, Negombo is a popular attraction for residents and tourists alike. Many parents find the natural reefs forming a protective barrier a little…

Write to Reconcile opens up to broader participation

Write to Reconcile opens up to broader participation

With each new edition of Write to Reconcile, Shyam Selvadurai becomes more ambitious for his writers, more determined to support stories that hold up a mirror to Sri…

Unique crafts at Shilpa Kala

Unique crafts at Shilpa Kala

Chanchal Kumar Chakraborty from Delhi, India has come to the Shilpa Kala exhibition at the BMICH with the unique contemporary brass ornamental crafts he has created, using traditional…

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Creating her own Designer Sarees

Creating her own Designer Sarees

Not many can say their first time in saree was the most comfortable experience. For Hiruni…

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Adele latest star to be hacked

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TV Times

‘Maayavak’ Shaun live  in concert

‘Maayavak’ Shaun live in concert

Popular artiste Shaun Max Dissanayake, will launch his latest song ‘Maayavak’ at a variety entertainment show…

Irish Fest on ‘Paradise Beach’

‘Manusath Derana won the prestigious JASTECA Gold

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Funday Times

Danny’s Easter Joy

Danny’s Easter Joy

Easter story by Rebecca & Hannah Ratnam It was spring in the little village on the…

The magical gift of God

Sri Lanka Girl Guides Centenary Year celebrations

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