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Corruption: The coconut is on the lap, crack it

Much is being said about the delays in bringing to book those who had put their hands in the nation’s till during the last administration and made a fortune for themselves through devious and ill-gotten means. So brazen are some of them, that they have already started demonstrating against the…



After the ‘storm’ there was a lot to smile about

After the ‘storm’ there was a lot to smile about

As British High Commissioner John Rankin looks forward to climbing Adam’s Peak before leaving our shores, he shares with Smriti Daniel some of the ups and downs of…

As election nears the country’s interest goes with the wind  People wanted a change. And this time they did not just hope for the change and sit back…

Does Mr. Justice have a thing for little girls?

Does Mr. Justice have a thing for little girls?

What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and all that’s nice… Er, no. No quite. Not according to some men’s sense of justice, that is. Recently,…

Journey from a leaf to your cuppa

Journey from a leaf to your cuppa

Even after 31 years in the industry, the Chairman of the Tea and Herb Company Senaka Kotagama confesses that he still finds tea tasting and blending extremely fascinating. “It is a feast…

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Mirror Magazine

The tech guys

The tech guys

If you’re a social media addict or technically inclined you’ve probably come across at some…

The blues brigade

Rihanna new face of Dior

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TV Times

‘Ahasin Polowata’ screenplay out

‘Ahasin Polowata’ screenplay out

Award winning script and screenplay writer Dr. Tissa Abeysekara’s screenplay ‘Ahasin Polowata’ (White Flowers for the…

‘D MAJOR’ ROCKS Down Under

‘Closer to Jesus’

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Funday Times

The Lazy Cat

The Lazy Cat

Finding the lazy cat was the easiest thing anyone could do. He was always sleeping on…

Be a Trendsetter!

Kids world

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