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British Council, Kandy Art Club Award Ceremony and Exhibition On Saturday

British Council, Kandy Art Club Award Ceremony and Exhibition On Saturday

February 15, the members of the British Council Art Club conducted their first exhibition and awards ceremony at the  E. L. Senanayake Children’s Library hall.  This occasion was attended by the British Council Kandy Branch Manager, Mr. Ian Cameron and the Assistant Indian High Commissioner in Kandy, Mr. A Natarajan among other dignitaries. The Art [...]

An unforgettable day in my life

On February 7, I got up very early. It was the  happiest day in my life, when I was selected as the games captain in my school. I was very happy on that special day. I got ready to come to YMBA hall with my mother and father by our car. The ceremony was held [...]

My brother

My brother’s name is Avishka, He’s 15 years old. He studies at Trinity College, Kandy. His best friend is Anuka. Sometimes he makes food. I like to eat his food. Sometimes he plays with me. He wishes to be a doctor in the future. His hobbies are making new items and playing games. I love [...]

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong was the first man to ever step on the moon, on the American spaceship Apollo 11. He was born on August 5, 1930 in his grandparents’ farm in Wapakoneta, USA. From his young age, Armstrong was so interested in aeroplanes and read every book about it. Neil started taking flying lessons and he [...]

A tree talks

Oh! My dear friends, listen to me! Do you know what we do for your progress? We are like your guardians. Please care about us, your guardians. Please don’t forget that. We provide ample things for you but you are unable to be silent. You want more and more so that you cut trees. We give [...]

Japan (Nihon)

Japan is an island. Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu are the main islands. In addition to these there are small islands too. There aren’t any long rivers. Normally, there are many mountains and volcanoes. Fuji is one such volcano which is inactive now. There are a few plains in Japan. Tokyo is the capital of [...]

A good yeoman

Robin Hood was a heroic outlaw,  a highly skilled archer and  swordsman. He was the best  swordsman in that area. Robin Hood was a proud outlaw. He had a group of fellow outlaws called ‘Merry Men.’ Robin and his men wore Lincoln green clothes. Robin Hood was a great hero who robbed the rich people [...]


My name is Abdul Raheem. I am seven years old. I am in Grade Two. I live in Wattala. I like to eat chips. I like to drink strawberry milkshake. My best friend is Inaam. I like to play cricket. My ambition is to be a pilot. I love myself. Abdul Raheem (7 years) Zahira [...]

My father

My father’s name is Zuhry. He likes to drink tea. His favourite colour is red. He is tall and very handsome. He calls me ‘little angel’. I call him ‘my loving Dada’. My father is an interior designer. I’m the luckiest girl who has a father like my Dada. I love my Dada very much. [...]

Happy Independence Day!

We gained Independence on February 4, 1948. It was a day on which we all faced a lot of difficulties and gained independence. Before that day, many people were slaves and ill-treated by the British. All of them faced a hard time those days. It was only because of the patience and calmness we had, [...]

The highway

The highway is very beautiful. We can go quickly on the highway. Some vehicles are not allowed to go on the highway. Some cars are going at high speed on the highway. Some vehicles met with accidents in the highway. I like to go in the highway. Ishaque Ahmed (Grade 4) Carey College

My mother

My mother’s name is Uthara. My mother is 47 years old. Her favourite drink is water. Her favourite food is ice-cream. My mother’s hobby is reading books. My mother is a good mother. Kavindu Malawaraarachchi (7 years) Royal College

My trip to India

I went to India to see my father. The plane trip was good. We went in two planes. I was very happy to see my father. He hugged me. Father took me to see films. We went in a cable car. It was interesting. We ate thosai. We came home. I was sad to leave [...]

In the future…

Most people would take the future as an exciting and comfortable place. But I think it is a more frightening place than an exciting one, due to many reasons. Everything will be done at high speed because of technology improvement. Flying cars will be invented thus polluting the sky too. Children will play sports as [...]

The expectation of the Dutch

The expectation of the Dutch

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