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Happy Birthday TinTin !

Happy Birthday TinTin !

There’s no way one can be assured that he has been around for 85 years, but he truly has! TinTin  celebrated his 85th  birthday on January 10 this year, being loved for more than eight decades by kids and adults alike. Have you ever tried guessing his age? Well, he may look barely fifteen in appearance [...]

My childhood

I spent my childhood in a village. It was full of happy memories. Those days my parents worked in a remote school. I enjoyed the beauty of dawn and dusk. My childhood was free and relaxed. I enjoyed every minute. I used to play with my neighbouring friends and I used to bathe in the [...]

Trees are our friends

Trees are an integral  part of the environment.  It is one of the precious gifts from nature. Not only we, but also animals too need trees. Trees are our friends because there are many advantages from trees. They give us timber for our home furniture. Also trees give us shelter. The benefits like food, to [...]

Trip to Trincomalee

This was my first visit to Trincomalee. We went in our own car on Friday morning. It took about five hours to reach the main town. Because of the newly carpeted roads it was very comfortable to travel. The sea beach was behind our hotel and it was very picturesque. We went to the beach [...]

My hobby

My hobby is reading books. It is a nice hobby to do in your free time. The books I like most are fairytales, stories of kings and beasts and classical stories. But my favourite books are  Secret Seven, Famous Five and Mr. Pink Whistle. Reading books can refresh your mind. There are many hobbies that can [...]


Voyagers is an American movie based on time-travel. Voyagers, (according to the movie) are  time-travellers who fix errors in history with the help of a guide book and a hand-held watch-like time-travel device called an Omni. Voyager Phineas Bogg (played by John Erik-Hexum) falls into an apartment in 1982 where an eleven year old orphan called [...]

My school

The name of my school is Horizon College International. It is situated in Malabe. There are 1300 students in the school. There are children from Play Group to Year 12. There is a lot of greenery. The school is four years old.  There is a school choir holding about 72 members in the choir. I [...]


My name is Irfa Thaseem. I am in Grade 1A. My favourite food is cheese. My favourite colour is purple. My favourite drink is Necto. My mother’s name is Fareena. My mother is a teacher. My father’s name is Thaseem. I have one sister and two brothers. Irfa Thaseem (6 years) Lead the Way Int.

Jupiter the giant planet

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun. It is about 400 million miles away from the Sun. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. It takes 12 Earth years to orbit the Sun once. Jupiter has 64 moons. The four largest of them are Europa, Ganymede, Io and Callisto. Europa is covered with [...]


My name is Atara Isaac. I am eight years old. I live on Polhengoda Road. I have five members in my family. My class is year Year 3C. My school is called Colombo International School. My teacher’s name is Miss. Delani. She is nice and sweet. I like to sing and dance. I would like [...]

My mother

My mother’s name is Dinesha. She is very pretty. She is kind. She cooks yummy food. She plays with me. She helps me with  my school work. I like to be with her. She loves me and I love her. Senuka Nagodavithana (Grade 3) S. Thomas’ Preparatory School

I went to see a museum

I went to see the Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum.  It is named after the famous writer Mr. Martin Wickramasinghe. It is located in Koggala. I saw lots of things in the museum. Ancient things such as brass oil lamps, sand boards, puppets, jewellery and kitchen equipment were there on display. We also went to see [...]

I am a laptop

Hi, I am a laptop. How rude, I haven’t told you my name yet. Anyway my name is Sony.  I have lots of other friends too. I was made in a mysterious place called Wang-shu. I help people by letting them check their mail, cricket scores, Youtube and search the web. You can keep me [...]

Conserving Polar Bears

Polar Bears are constantly dying because of global warming, water pollution and many more reasons. Those cute and cuddly cubs and the majestic elders are decreasing in numbers. Why?  It’s because we, humans are being careless and doing severe damage to nature. The snow in the polar region is rapidly melting due to global warming [...]

Year end concert of Little Angels Montessori

Year end concert of Little Angels Montessori

Talented Club Members

Talented Club Members

The treaty between the Dutch and King Senarath

The treaty between the Dutch and King Senarath

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