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Christmas Carnival with Cargills

Christmas Carnival with Cargills

The Funday Times Christmas Carnival with Cargills was held once again at Excel World. Two hundred lucky members enjoyed themselves with fun games organized by the Cargills Team and rides at Adventura. During the interval for refreshments, the kids also tasted the newly introduced Cargills Magic Rainbow ice-cream. After receiving gifts from Santa, they wound [...]

The Christmas Samba

The Christmas Samba

Little kids seated here and there, talking nonstop, feet nowhere touching the ground. Mothers trying their best to calm down the excited little ones by stuffing them with food. Red and green Christmas decorations with a touch of silver and gold has not failed to deliver the  feeling of Christmas. Rehearsals taking place on stage, [...]


Christmas is the main religious festival of Christians. It comes on December 25, every year. Catholics and Christians all over the world celebrate it. They celebrate it to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. He was one of the world’s great religious teachers. His mother was Virgin Mary and he was born in Bethlehem. At [...]


I work everyday. But I do not work on holidays. I am beautiful and fair. Do you know who teaches children? Yes, it’s me. I am a teacher. Imaksha Ravindi, (Grade 2) Asian Grammar School, Gothatuwa

My school

My school is Royal College.  Royal College is situated in  Colombo 7. My school is 178 years old. It was built by the British during their invasion. It was a very prominent school in Ceylon at that time. My school has been very good in  the field of sports. They showed a lot of promise [...]

My best friend

My best friend is Nishma. She is eight years old. She goes to St. Nicholas International College. She is in my grade. She is a thin girl. She is fair. She is good. She helps me to do my work. Her birthday is on January 30. She likes to eat pasta. She likes to drink [...]

My pet

My pet is a dog. It is a Belgian Shepherd. My mother and I named him Zember because he was born on December 1, 2012. He likes to play with me all the time. Zember is very big and black in colour. I love Zember very much and he loves me too. Nethdhini Gooneratne (Grade [...]

My awesome grandfather

My grandfather’s name is Hussain Arifeen.  I know sometimes he gets angry but I have never seen him go red. He has two brothers. Even though he is in another house he is still in my heart. My grandfather is cute and chubby. Whenever he comes to my house he brings at least a toffee [...]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas falls in the month of December. Christians all over the world celebrate this festival on a grand scale. They celebrate it to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ who was one of the greatest teachers in the world. Jesus Christ was born on December 25 long ago in a small stable in Bethlehem. He [...]

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