St. Anthony’s Girls’ College is a reputed school in the Hill Capital. The founding of this institution was in a small building near the Katugastota Bridge, as St. Anthony’s English Girls’ School on May 10, 1938, affiliated to St. Anthony’s College Kandy, under the guidance of the principal of Good Sheppard’s Convent Rev. Mother Ignatius. [...]

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St. Anthony’s Girls Kandy provides daughters to strengthen the Nation


St. Anthony’s Girls’ College is a reputed school in the Hill Capital. The founding of this institution was in a small building near the

The Principal, Mrs. Pathma Lekamge

Katugastota Bridge, as St. Anthony’s English Girls’ School on May 10, 1938, affiliated to St. Anthony’s College Kandy, under the guidance of the principal of Good Sheppard’s Convent Rev. Mother Ignatius.

The first principal was Rev. Mother Mary Andrew Barklay (1938-1942) and 38 girls were educated by two lady teachers. As a result of its qualitative education and the increasing number of students, the school was shifted to the present premises in 1943 during the period of Rev. Mother Madline Ryan (1942-1946) who was the second Principal.

College Logo

After her service, Rev. Mother Bernadette Alexandar (1947-1951) and Rev. Mother Maurice Lobo (1951-1956) rendered their valuable service to the school. In 1962 during Rev. Mother Mary Bernard’s period (1957-1973), St. Anthony’s English Girls School was vested in the Government and was named as St. Anthony’s Girls’ College. The services provided by the previous eight Principals including Mrs. N.K. Pilapitiya (1973-1980), Mrs. M.P. Attanayake (1981-1994), Mrs. K.W.V. Wijerathne (1994-1995) and Mrs. R.K. Wijethunge (1996-2006) uplifted the status of the school to a leading Girls’ College in the Hill Capital.

Being a 1AB school with 186 teachers, facilitating a healthy environment for the learning process for 3350 students in Sinhala, Tamil and English mediums, the school fulfills its duty untiringly.

The present principal, Mrs. Pathma Lekamge is leading the school in its vision “Eminent daughters for the strength of the Nation” through its mission. Her guidance has led the institute for effective progress in the areas of academic, co-curricular and

St. Anthony’s Girls’ College Kandy

extracurricular as well as infrastructure. After assuming duties as the principal in 2007, she was able to establish a Multi-media Unit, Computer Learning Centre and a basketball court. During her span of seven years, she was able to gain a three storey building for the Aesthetic Unit. This year she has started building a pavilion with the help of the Government and has reconstructed the school playground.

The immense support of the Old Girls’ Association-Motherboard and its Colombo Branch was given to the principal in the construction of another three storey building in which the ground floor has already been completed and was declared open on May 10, 2013 at the 75th anniversary celebrations of the college.

College Dancers

This year for the 75th anniversary, the school has organised many events and the priority has been given for religious activities which were followed by many other events such as the annual sports meet, the School-Walk and the annual prize giving on a grand scale. Dhamma Deshana by Rev. Ketawala Dhammaloka Thera, an Alms Giving for 100 rev. bhikkus, was held with activities of other religions to mark the anniversary. The art exhibition “Shobha” was held at the E.L.Senanayake Library Kandy with a collection of over 300 creations by the students.

St. Anthony’s under 14 girls’ basketball team emerged champions at the tournament which was held to mark the 75th Anniversary celebrations. Another grand cultural ceremony “Sheershabharana Mangallaya” for 38 Anthonian Kandyan dancers which took place last week.

The school has already set up the academic, co-curricular and extracurricular environments paving the way for students to improve their global skills, exposing them to various streams and faculties. Due to the boundless and untiring services rendered by the

Cadet Corps

Principal and the academic staff the eminent Anthonian girls have brought immense glory to their Alma Mater by achieving high ranks at Public examinations. Scoring 190 marks at the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination last year, an Anthonian-bud secured the second place in the Kandy District. Remarkable achievements at G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examinations have placed St. Anthony’s Girls College at a high level each year. In the year 2012, 95.14% of students in the Sinhala Medium, 96.7% of students in the English medium and 93% of students in the Tamil medium qualified for the Advanced Level. Over 70% of students in all the Advanced Level streams qualified for the University entrance. As a result of the achievements the Advanced level subject streams have been expanded in 2013 to give students a qualitative education by introducing English as a medium.

Performance of the Band

Over 30 clubs and associations are functioning in the school, paving the way for students to be well balanced personalities in order to face future challenges with confidence. St. Anthony’s Girls’ College Cadet Platoon has glorified the name of their Alma Mater by securing the first place in the island at the All Island Evaluation Camp held in Rantembe this year. They were placed fourth in the previous year, competing against 850 platoons.

The school bagged the International School Full Award in 2009 organised by the British Council. It was coordinated by Mrs. Shyamali Jayarathna. They are seeking to retain it in 2014 as well, under the Connecting Classrooms project. These clubs and associations including the Student Parliament, Art, Drama and Aesthetic are very active in the school and they bring many successes at national level every year. The Cadet Band, Eastern and Western Bands lead functions at the school. Their achievements have already uplifted the name of the College.

Hockey is the game which has given an identity to the college in sports. Three talented hockey players were selected for the Sri Lankan National team for the South Asian Hockey Tournament, in Thailand recently. The best scorer of the tournament was the vice-captain, Madhushani Jayaneththi. Talented hockey players from the school are picked to the National pool every year and have been awarded National Colours as well.

The school karate team has won silver and bronze medals representing the Sri Lanka National teams in international karate tournaments held in Singapore and Malaysia in the years 2010 and 2013.

The school athletes, swimmers and gymnastic players, netball, basketball, chess, cricket, table tennis, and badminton players have brought glory by securing places in District, Provincial and National levels every year.

The dedication of the principal, the management committee, past principals and teachers, tutorial staff, past and present students, minor staff and well-wishers have brought this institution to the present position. Their blessings are bound to strengthen the future of these eminent Anthonian girls.

- Sujitha Miranda

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