This September, NSBM the degree school of NIBM will launch its new state of the art “School of Computing” in a five storeyed building at no 318, High level Road, Nugegoda, right in front of Anula Vidyalaya. The school of computing is carefully designed considering the needs of the 21st century with higher emphasis given [...]

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This September, NSBM the degree school of NIBM will launch its new state of the art “School of Computing” in a five storeyed building at no 318, High level Road, Nugegoda, right in front of Anula Vidyalaya. The school of computing is carefully designed considering the needs of the 21st century with higher emphasis given on the technology, interactivity and freedom. The new NSBM School of computing has the capacity to hold 1000 undergraduates at once. Enriching the ICT education in Sri Lanka, National School of Business Management with the newest addition is laying new foundations to bring the future of higher education.

The fully equipped new School of Computing at NSBM is driven to deliver the best education under sophisticated study environment. Being an IT Graduate at NSBM unlocks numerous opportunities in the modern fields of professional environment and leads to continue with a career offered at best in the industry.

Computer Labs

New school of computing is equipped with computer labs with computers of latest configurations with unlimited broadband access. They are loaded with interactive white boards where the lecturers can use them both as display and the traditional whiteboards giving the students interactive education experience which is one of the key features of higher education of 21st Century.

Multimedia Lab

Giving the undergraduates the opportunity to hands on experience of latest apple technology the multimedia lab is fully loaded with professional video editing and graphic designing systems. Students who are studying the multimedia and web design degree programmes at NSBM are given the experience of highly sophisticated video editing system which will enhance their knowledge in truly practical streams which will be an indeed practice in their profession.

Design Studio

NSBM design studio is another addition to school of computing giving opportunity to interior design and graphic design students a productive and calm environment to unleash their creativity. It is mounted with colorful display boards to exhibit their creative artworks done as student projects and draftsman tables and chairs to practise the skills in interior designing as real draftsmen.


The auditorium of the School of Computing is located on the top floor of the building and will be the breeding ground of young undergraduates performing their talents to organize their events beyond the ordinary class room activities. Series of workshops for upcoming seasons ranging from the themes such as “Ethical Hacking”, “Mobile app development”, “Cloud computing” to “Challenges in digital age” which will take place at new School of Computing organized by the young computing undergraduates of NSBM.

Student Study area

One of the attractive features of the NSBM new School of Computing is its priority given to enlarge the students gathering areas. Students are provided with an entire floor in which they can discuss their academic activities in a relaxed environment. They can access free WiFi through their tabs and smart phones, or using the free terminals kept in same location. Cafeteria at the NSBM

basement provides snacks tasty meals and soothing piped music to relax your time with the batch mates as undergraduates of NSBM School of computing.

Computing with NSBM

Soon the whole world will be connected. The reach of developments in IT and related technologies would expand beyond traditional cultural and geographical borders, eliminating the gap of knowledge levels laid over the years. This had triggered an overwhelming need for new generation of computer programmers and specialists, who are capable of developing systems usable across the globe, in multi-cultural and multinational environments, having the ability to evolve with the trends of technologies and business. Degree programmes at NSBM aims to cater to the this demand by making graduates having knowledge in both technological and business aspects of the computing with higher emphasize on needs of the new digital age.

Software Engineering is one of the most highly employable expertise areas within the computing subject. The aim of this programe is to provide the graduates with an understanding of the current challenges and trends in the area of software engineering and development and equip them with the required set of skills demanded by the industry and needs and IT trends.

A full three year honours degree, with specialist software engineering modules integrated throughout the programme to provide a holistic and comprehensive learning experience in Software Engineering.

Designed and supported by a strong and experienced academic team.

Excellent employment opportunities, through a wide variety of organisations from large corporate organisations to specialist software development companiesrs. With current reliance on software-based solutions, the need for software engineering specialists has become essential.

B Sc (Honours) in Computer Networks

This programme aims to produce graduates with a strong background in Computing and Information Technology and with a specialisation in Computer Networking and Distributed Systems. The programme covers a wide range of topics, and given the flexible nature of careers in computing, graduates can, and indeed often do, pursue a wide variety of career paths – particularly where they can combine technical knowledge gained on this programme with prior knowledge of some specific application domain.

This programme effectively fuses together a number of core disciplines: networking, general computing and security, software, and ethics to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience. The first two stages of the course provide the learner with all the essential background knowledge, understanding and skills in computing. In addition, the learner will also benefit from specialist networks modules in both these stages, followed by a more focused final stage towards networking-oriented modules developing and building upon these skills. As a result, graduates will emerge with specialist knowledge of computer networks, alongside the wider academic foundation required to set it in context.

B Sc (Honours) in Computer Security

The last 25 years have seen developed societies become increasingly dependent upon information technology. Unfortunately, they have also witnessed the emergence of an increasing array of threats, highlighting the vulnerability of systems and data to a range of accidental and deliberate incidents. As a result, information security has become an essential consideration in the design, development and implementation of IT systems, with practical evidence clearly indicating a growing need for professionals with a holistic and multi-faceted skill set. This is further supported with an increasing range of legislation (e.g. in the domains of corporate governance and data protection) mandating that organisations must deploy effective security. In order to ensure organisations can meet these, industry demand exists for well qualified and highly trained professionals.

B Sc in Computer Science

B Sc in Computer Science is conducted by NSBM in affiliation with UCD to open the doors for participants to earn world class qualifications. Duration of the degree program is four years, whereas first two years are conducted in full time basis and the final two years is conducted in part time basis. In this program undergraduate has the distinct advantage of get the industry experience after completing the first two years of his/her university life. Finally completing the degree he has earn two years experience in the industry as well as the B Sc in Computer Science degree.

Students completing this programme are expected to graduate with:

• Current Knowledge of theory and practice underpinning computer science operations and activities (local and international)
• Skills and attributes that enable them to contribute to the future development of national and global economies and society as a whole
• An enthusiasm for learning and the abilities that enable them to continue to learn
• Experience that facilitates their development as good citizens

Degree programmes available at NSBM Are offered in collaboration with the UGC recognized Universities or NSBM itself.
University College Dublin, Ireland University College Dublin (UCD) is one of Europe’s leading research-intensive universities where undergraduate education, postgraduate masters and PhD training, research, innovation and community engagement from a dynamic continuum of activity.

Plymouth University another affiliated university to NSBM is University of the Year by the Times Higher Education Awards 2012, which signals out those who uphold, and exceed, the standard of excellence. They are also the winner of the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education in the 2010-12 Diamond Jubilee Round. Students who are doing this degrees has the Option to study in the UK as a part of student transfer programme.

All the degree programmes offered at NSBM are subjected to continuous quality controls from the relevant universities and UGC. And lectures are delivers by professional panel of lecturers who are having sounding professional and academic backgrounds. NSBM has also networked with leading IT organizations in the country to place students in the industrial training during the final two years of the study. The leading banks in Sri Lanka offer flexible study loans which can be arranged at the enrollment.

Ensure your future in the professional IT field with a well-recognized Degree obtained from a top ranked university with the UGC recognition in Sri Lanka.

Enroll for the September batch, call NSBM on (011) 544 5000 or visit no. 309, High level road, Colombo 05 to meet a consultant and decide the best you deserve for your future.

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