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Diplomatic masochism for nationalistic support

Whether we like it or not, Sri Lanka’s economy and therefore the wellbeing of its citizens are inexorably intertwined with the outside world. We might want to be economically developed like Singapore, but fortunately we do not have to wholly depend on the outside world for our existence. And yet, there…



An indelible imprint

An indelible imprint

Long years ago a young boy, Malagalage Don Gunasena’s fascination with the many presses on Dam Street soon turned into a vision and today M.D. Gunasena & Company,…

Letters to the editor

‘Room service’ and other forms of corruption in prisons The article “National malaise – corrupt prisons” (Sunday Times, December 30), and a smaller story titled “Countering the enemy…


Gifted, modest teacher who brought out the music in us Seetha Hallock God gave me a wonderful gift at birth – and then guided my parents to Mrs.…

Yala really gone to the wilds!

Yala really gone to the wilds!

A recent visit to our premier national park reveals many woes. Hiranthi Fernando reports Is the country’s best known and most visited national park losing its appeal? Reports…

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Funday Times

The unsuccessful Peace Treaty

The unsuccessful Peace Treaty

This article is part of a continuing series on the ‘Mahavamsa,’ the recorded chronicle of Sri…

Earth Watch

The months of the year

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Sunday Times 2

Sports Illustrated under fire for ‘racist’ photoshoot

Sports Illustrated under fire for ‘racist’ photoshoot

By Snejana Farberov Sports Illustrated sparked a racial controversy this week over its latest swimsuit edition…

A meteor hit and an asteroid near-miss on same day

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Bloody stools? Don’t ignore

Bloody stools? Don’t ignore

By Kumudini Hettiarachchi It is a hush-hush topic that many people are very reluctant to talk…

Sri Lanka, take note, don’t go the US way

Be prepared for sudden changes

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