By W.A. Nelka There was an air of excitement at the Weeraketiya Rajapaksa National School (WRNS) last Thursday, as two of its students achieved the highest marks in the island in the Mathematics and Biology streams at the Advanced Level examination conducted last year. The two students, Rusiru Gambiraarachchi and R.S.B. Kasun Lakmal excelled in [...]


Commitment and determination give WRNS duo top marks


By W.A. Nelka

There was an air of excitement at the Weeraketiya Rajapaksa National School (WRNS) last Thursday, as two of its students achieved the highest marks in the island in the Mathematics and Biology streams at the Advanced Level examination conducted last year. The two students, Rusiru Gambiraarachchi and R.S.B. Kasun Lakmal excelled in studies right through their school career.

Kasun joined WRNS from Middeniya Model School after having excelled at the 2003 Grade 5 scholarship examination, and obtained 7As and 2Bs at the Ordinary Level examination, coming first in the Hambantota District.

He shone at WRNS mainly due to self-confidence and commitment to studies. “I always relished Computer Studies, though I had to take up Bio subjects to enter the Medical College and become a doctor. I hope to be of service,” Kasun said. He thanked all his teachers at WRNS.

His father R.S.P. Piyadasa who works at the Divisional Health Office in Katuwana, said his son was studious from a young age and aimed high. He scored good marks at all exams and finally did very well at the A/Level. “My son deserved this success,” he said.

His mother N. Dayawathie, a family health official said she had no words to express her joy, adding that her son had shone both at pre-school and at Middeniya Model School, being among the top 10 at the A/Level. She thanked the principal, the staff and all who supported him.

Rusiru Gambiraarachchi who won first place in Maths, liked Maths and worked to a timetable from childhood. He joined WRNS after the Grade 5 scholarship examinations. Among those who assisted him over the years was a relative who is a software engineer, his teachers, his tuition masters and his parents. His father, Piyal Weerasinghe, a retired principal, said his son was determined to succeed and be an example to other students.

His mother, Mallika Jayasinghe, a teacher, said her son displayed skills from a young age. She added that children should receive all the help from parents and teachers, while aiming for success. She was grateful to the teachers who helped her son achieve this success.

Walasmulla Zonal Education Director A.W. Rajapakse said having two successes from the same school was a rare achievement. The school has made history, while the zone came third in the Southern Province. This result is a source of inspiration to the children of Ruhuna. Principal Athula Wijewardene said his school had achieved good results in Maths and Bio, throughout last year.

The duo was felicitated at a special function on Thursday at the school playground. President Mahinda Rajapaksa personally congratulated them over the phone. Southern Provincial Council Education Minister C. Rasaputhra awarded the two students an overseas tour, while each was gifted saving certificates to the value of Rs100,000 at the Peoples Bank, Weeraketiya.

Speaking on her success, Thilini Nimessha Jayathilleke of Ambanpitiya Maha Vidyalaya who has qualified to enter the University’s Arts Faculty, said just as her ambition to succeed at the A/Level has been fulfilled, her next ambition is to be a professor. She added she wants to be of service to the nation and thanked her principal, the staff and parents who helped her achieve this success.

Seshani Gunathilleke, Samali Udara Liyanage and Upeksha Sewwandi, all of Devi Balika Vidyalaya, Colombo, scored the highest marks in the Commerce stream, IT and Arts (English, French, Political Science) respectively.

R-O-Y-3A-L: School where 134 students pass A/L with 3As

Of the 680 Royal College students who sat the 2012 GCE Advanced Level Examination, 134 have achieved As in all three subjects – a fourfold increase when compared to last year’s results, according to Principal Upali Gunasekera. He said 43 students from the mathematics stream, 15 from the bio stream, 70 from the commerce stream and six from the arts stream obtained 3A.

Mr. Gunasekera attributed the success of the students to guidance by the teachers who motivated them to do their best. “Discipline, hard work and being extremely motivated to perform have brought in these excellent results.”  The principal said the old boys also played a vital role in the student’s success at the examinations by becoming involved in the planning of the curricula and motivating the students.

He said this year’s results were a quantum leap from the previous years’ ones and will set a benchmark of excellence at the A/L examination. In 2011, only 30 students passed with all As while in 2009 and 2010 it was 47 and 66 respectively.

Disabled Kishani 4 ‘A’s and makes no bones about it

By Ranee Mohamed

When parents carry pre-school children to school, it is not news: but when parents carry a 19-year-old to school – and she gets four ‘A’s – it is not only newsworthy, but praiseworthy too.

Ranatunga Jayasekera Koralage Kishani Kalhari Ranatunga was born on December 28, 1993. However, her parents soon realised that their little girl was not ‘normal’.

“There was a time in my life when I used to break a bone every month. That was in my childhood . But now, I break a bone once a year, that is if I exert too much pressure on myself,” said Kishani.

Suffering from Osteogenisis Imperfercta Graves, Kishani is unable to stand up without support. She is able to walk, but only by holding onto a chair or a wall. Her bones have already given way, particularly in her elbow and just below her knee. But she was not going to be broken.

“I was determined not to give up, just as my parents were determined not to give up on me,” said Kishani, speaking to the Sunday Times from her residence in Galapitagama, Polpithigama, Kurunegala. Encouraged by her mother who is a teacher, Kishani attended school at Polthigama National School.

“My father carried me from the house to the motorcycle, and on reaching school, he carried me into the classroom. My principal and teachers were careful not to allocate classes on the upper floors,” said Kishani.

“I am relieved that I watched the television programmes that I liked and studied at my own pace. My parents did not press me. I had many hurdles to clear, unlike other children. I had to be supported to get up from the table to reach out for something I needed while studying,” said high achiever Kishani.

“I knew something was wrong with our daughter, but we did not want to give up on her. She kept on studying, but I was so concerned about her health. I never asked her to study,” said her mother Sita Jayakody, her voice faltering.
Mrs Jayakody went on to say that, contrary to asking her daughter to study, she insisted that she stopped studying till late in the night.

Kishani, despite ailing young, started achieving early in life. A high achiever at the Grade 5 Scholarship examination, she received 163 marks.  From then on, her teachers and friends carried her from the classroom to wherever she wanted to go. “When I reached Year 13, there were no friends big enough to carry me,” cried Kishani.

She obtained ‘A’s in Business Studies, Accounts, IT and English.  “When I got ‘A’s in all four subjects, I wanted to cry. I wanted to run around in circles,” said Kishani. But she could only cry in joy.

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