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Talk at the Cafe Spectator

Talk at the Cafe Spectator

Indian museum security for relics after Colombo museum fiasco The sacred Kapilavastu relics are in Sri Lanka after more than 30 years, but the exposition is shrouded in some controversy as most things done in Sri Lanka these days seem to be. For starters, the relics are being taken to only certain temples around the [...]

Playing Bandu with our education

Education Minister Bandula Gunawardena’s contention in Parliament last week was that, neither he nor Higher Education Minister S.B. Dissanayaka should be blamed for the problems that have engulfed the country’s state education sector in the past few months. Instead, he chose to shift the blame on officials and experts within the education sector, for the [...]

Won’t these lecturers learn a lesson from politicos?

My Dear SB, I thought I must write to you to congratulate you on your latest achievement in ordering the closure of all universities in the country. With this decision, you will take us a step closer to becoming the ‘knowledge hub’ of Asia! I know that many people are opposed to closing the universities, [...]

Strengthening a common struggle across ethnicities

At first look, the sight of darkly unsmiling men with a few women scattered among them, gathered together in a dilapidated school hall of an impoverished village deep in the dusty interior of the East of Sri Lanka is both formidable and unsettling. A litany of questions The tense translator whispered that this was, at [...]

More economic woes owing to global and domestic developments

The emerging global conditions are likely to aggravate the country’s economic difficulties in the coming months. The tardy economic growth of Western economies will continue to decrease export earnings. The rising oil and world food prices will increase import expenditure. These developments will affect the trade balance adversely. Sri Lanka’s trade dependent economy will once [...]

It’s business as usual on the campaign trail!

It’s business as usual on the campaign trail!

Mrs. Anumaana says elections give her a headache, because every time they take place the politicians and candidates go into a frenzy with their campaigning activities. With elections being called every few months, her headaches have predictably become more frequent. With three Provincial Council polls coming up in the Sabaragamuwa, North Central and Eastern provinces, [...]

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