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My soft toy

I have a soft toy. It is a bear. It is black colour.
It has a brown nose. Its name is Cubby.
I love my Cubby a lot.

Vikum Semage (5 years)

A trip to Kandalama

My family and I went to Kandalama on a five day holiday. We left Colombo in the morning in our van. We reached Kandalama after about five hours.

Kandalama is a beautiful place near Dambulla. We rested in a bungalow near Kandalama. The bungalow that we stayed in was situated near the Kandalama wewa so it made a great scenery for us. That day, we went to the river and had a bath. Bathing in a river was a wonderful experience for me.

The next day my father and brother went to the river and caught a big fish from the river. The bungalow waitress prepared a dish using that fish for our dinner. On the last day of our trip, we went to see some beautiful scenery in the Kandalama area. In the evening we came back home. It was an enjoyable trip for me and my family.

Aanisha Quroodh (11 years), Ilma Int. Girls’ School

My ambition

My ambition is to be a doctor. There are a few reasons why I want to be a doctor, because a doctor is a very helpful person and he has a place in society. To be a doctor, I have to score high marks for the GCE A/L by doing

Bio-Science. Afterwards I have to do a course. After the medical course I have to go to medical school and study medicine and pass my degree. Then I have to go to a general hospital or a private hospital to practice as a doctor. Thereafter I could be a doctor and work in a hospital.

If I become a doctor, I have to spend most of my time with patients. As a doctor you not only have to give medicine, you have to speak kindly to the patients. So as a doctor, I have to be devoted to my profession. I always have to keep my attention about new medical discoveries.

All people respect this profession. So for all the above reasons I would like to be a doctor in future and do something for my country.

Vinosh Fernando (14 years), S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia

My pet

My pet is a cat.
Its name is Kitty.
It is black in colour.
It likes to drink milk.
It likes to eat bones. I love my pet very much.

Nelitha Priyawansha (Grade 1) , Prince of  Wales College, Moratuwa


My name is Rameen.
My school is Carey College.
I am seven years old. I like to eat bananas. I have a sister. I’m in Grade 2C.
I like to ride my bicycle.

Rameen Sarap (Grade 2), Carey College

An accident

On the day in question, the weather was rather annoying as it was raining heavily. I had to go to school as my mid-year examination was being held. After the heavy rain, the drizzling started. So I decided to go.

Thanks to the raincoat which I got as a present, I started walking on the footpath leading to the main village road. Within three minutes I reached the main road which was also muddy. There were small ruts here and there on the road.

I continued my walk.  Before long I saw a motorcyclist coming towards me. He was going very fast. Soon the cyclist passed me but I did not look back as I was worried about my delay to school. All at once I heard a big noise. I looked back. A lorry coming behind me and the motorcycle had collided! The cyclist lay on the road motionless.

I ran to the spot. The victim was still a youngster though he seemed older than me. He had fainted and was bleeding terribly. The driver of the lorry came up and started to say how the accident had occurred. I asked politely that he take the youngster in his vehicle directly to the hospital.

He willingly helped me.     Luckily the hospital was nearby. We went in and handed over the young man to the hospital staff. The driver of the lorry remained there and I got into a public bus to go to school.

Tashiya Kannangara (12 years),  St. Bridget’s Convent

My country

My country is Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has been invaded by the Indians, Portuguese, Dutch and British. In 1948, Sri Lanka became independent.

Sri Lanka is an island. The capital of Sri Lanka is Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte.      Sri Lanka’s main crops are paddy, tea, rubber and coconut. The president of Sri Lanka is Mahinda Rajapaksa. I love my country.

Ravindu Pathiraja (8 years), Sri Wijayarama M. V., Udahamulla

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