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‘Ravens’ returns


Two years ago, Kapila Palihawadana had an encounter with a crow as he sat out on a verandah in Batticaloa.
Following in the tradition of basing a dance theatre production on a simple, real life experience, Kapila and his cast of dancers at naTANDA were quick to realize the aesthetic potential of a performance featuring a different view of the Crows society loves to hate.
What followed was an eight month long process of putting together a dance theatre production which would mirror the world of ravens: the obvious- the continuous struggle for existence; the garbage dumps and the thievery; and the not so obvious-of love, the feeling of community and caring for their own kind. What Sri Lanka’s premier modern dance troupe wishes its audience to see is something beyond the common perception of these common birds.

The concert was a resounding success, earning praise from several critics; and the naTANDA Dance Academy presents a rerun of ‘Ravens’, which will be held on July 6 at the Nugaya Open Air Theatre at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute. “One purpose of the performance will be invite young teachers, choreographers and dancers who would be interested in pursuing a Diploma in dance at the Foundation Institute.

The Diploma is a 14 month course, during which time several veteran dancers and choreographers from the local and international sphere would provide their expertise.” “The other,” he continues, “is to celebrate the achievement of emerging among the Top Five dance troupes out of 15 countries and 65 dance productions in the region.” The dancers of naTANDA believe and will always believe that dance is a global language; and focus remains on including as many as possible. “Through this performance we would also like to invite young people who would like to be a part of our future workshops and productions,” says Kapila.

Tickets for the show priced at Rs. 2000 and 1500 can be reserved by contacting 0722911703 or 0728036315. The show commences at 7 pm.

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