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My first camp trip

I attended my first camp when I was doing Girl Guiding. It was organised by my school Gateway College, Rajagiriya. The camp was at Negombo, near the lagoon. On April 9 we set off in our school bus at 7.30 in the morning. It took us an hour and a half to get there. We all sang Girl Guide songs and some silly ones on the way.

When we got there we thought we had come to the wrong place! It was so like a house, we were awestruck.
I said to myself, if we are going to stay here it’s a cool camp! We went to our rooms and unpacked. Then we started
decorating our corners. Spring, Summer and Autumn did a great job but my group Winter was the most realistic corner. We had lots of fun. Then we had lunch. It was quite tasty.

At 4p.m., we went near the lagoon and started making thank-you cards for our parents and bracelets for
ourselves. After that we had our mini sportsmeet at the camp ground. We all were so tired! We changed and went for dinner. Then we put out our sleeping bags and got ready to sleep.

The next day we went to the ‘Lellama’ on the beach. Then we went to the Uswetakeiyawa beach. We had lots of fun. That was the end of the camp. We said good-bye to everyone and left for school.

Jaishani Amarasekara (10 years), Gateway College, Rajagiriya

At the seaside

I love the seaside. The sea sand is very soft. The sea water is salty. It is a good place to enjoy. I have collected lots of seashells. Some of them are like rings, they are very beautiful.

I like going to the beach. It is a good place to fly kites. At night there are beautiful fireworks at the seaside. The beach is a good place to bathe. I love the seaside.

Aunellie Jayawardena (Grade 4), St. Bridget’s Convent


Boys play a lot of games,
And the games have
different names,
Boys are better than
They are together as brothers.
And some boys are good in studies,
But all of us are like

Shenal Fernando (10 years), St. Peter’s College, Colombo 4

My Seeya – A tribute

He was a person loved and admired by a lot of people and by all my family members. His untimely death was a very sad event for us all. His death anniversary was on April 4. His birthday is on June 10. His name and image is carved in my heart, never to be erased.

His valuable advice and gentle and lovable words I can never forget. He was such an energetic worker. He loved his work in office and was very kind and good to people. He had a lot of friends who loved him very much.

I am very lucky to be his first grandson. I will do my part to bring pride to his name. May his meritorious deeds shorten his journey through Sansara and attain the ‘Supreme bliss of Nibbana’. Seeya you will be secure in my heart forever.
“I love you very much.”

Dylan Thejan (11 years), Dehiwala

My favourite book

My favourite book is ‘Mister Meddle, you’re a nuisance’. The author of this book is Enid Blyton.
Mister Meddle is a person who is always willing to help out people and do good deeds, but he never quite gets it right and doesn’t wait to be asked for help.

I like this book because it’s so funny. Mister Meddle’s behaviour is funny and I like the way he finds his way out through the difficulties.This book has timeless tales filled with fun and laughter for young readers.

S. Krishnaruun (11 years), Horizon College Int., Malabe

My pet

My pet is a dog. He is a Great Dane and his name is Skip. He is five months but is very big in size. His birthday is on October 18.
He loves to eat dog biscuits and rice with carrots and beef. He plays with me and I love him a lot.

Devindree Peiris (Grade 3), Holy Family Convent,  Colombo 4


My name is Dewanmee Vihasna. I am seven years old. I have two sisters. My school is Musaeus College. My hair is black colour. I can play a melodica. My best friend is Manuki.

Dewanmee Vihasna (Class 2), Musaeus College

Video games

I love to play video games
With different acts and different names
It’s always exciting when I play
I feel I am part of the real play
And when I win I shout and say
I want to play it another day

Keon Baldsing (5 years), Lyceum Int. School

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