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GK depositor pleads to Chief Justice


The plight of some 10,000 depositors of the failed Golden Key Co. is well known and many are yet to get their dues. Here is another letter pleading for justice:

Plea from Golden Key depositors
Please help us to plead to the Hon Chief Justice Shiranee Bandaranayake, Justice Shiranee Tillakawardene and Attorney General Eva Wanasundera to consider the plight of the 10,000 depositors who are awaiting their payments and request the Golden Key Co. to make the payments as soon as possible since some of them need this money for their medical expenses.
Desperate depositor – Colombo

Business Editor: Newspapers like the Sunday Times/Business Times have diligently and consciously reported on the events and pleas of depositors since the company crashed in December 2008 leaving thousands, including many elderly persons, in the lurch. This letter, probably from an elderly individual struggling to pay medical bills was diligently hand-written on an old white sheet that had aged and turned to brown colour and posted to the Editor. We are taking this unusual step of publishing this letter on the front page in the hope that it would draw the attention of those concerned to speed up the settlement of this long-standing payments issue in a just and timely manner.

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