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Value of sports

By Dulanjer Samaratunga (Grade 6), Sussex College, Kurunegala

Every child likes to play. Not only the able-bodied but also the disabled are fond of sports. Sports play an important role in a child’s life. It is said that a healthy mind can be found only in a healthy body. Sports develop the child’s physical as well as the mental faculty.

There are various kinds of sports in the country. Some of them are cricket, volleyball, netball, football, rugger and elle. Among these, cricket is the most popular game. In the past, sports were not given
priority in our schools. Sports were directly introduced as extra curricular activities.

Today, sports are an integral part of education. Physical exercises have to be done regularly for the proper functioning and development of our body. If a person is engaged in sports continually, he or she can lead a healthy life.

In schools we can see some students who look weak and pale. They are the ones who do not do any sports. So it is vital that we do sports for our future healthy existence.

Water a valuable gift of nature

By Abdul Fijurus (Grade 5), Greenwood College Int. Matale

Water is one of the basic necessities of all living beings; not only humans and animals, but plants also need water to survive. Two thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by this precious gift of nature, water. Unfortunately, we are able to utilize only a very little amount of this precious resource.

We obtain water from many sources, such as rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, springs, wells and waterfalls to drink and also to do our day to day activities. Water is also used as a major source to generate electricity.

Despite its importance, humans who are selfish, pollute water by throwing litter and also releasing industrial waste into waterways. Because of man’s careless behaviour, this valuable resource will become scarce in the near future.

Water is an essential resource to all of us. So, we must conserve this valuable gift presented to us by Mother Nature. The only way to express our gratitude to Mother Nature for all it provides us is to protect it with love while utilizing its resources thriftily.

Reading makes a full man

By Nethmi Kiridana (Grade 6), Girls’ High School, Kandy

‘Reading makes a full man’ is a very famous topic in literature. From the past, this topic was very famous. In improving our knowledge reading is number one. When we read papers daily we learn not only about our country but about the whole world. When we read we can also learn about famous scientists and about their novel inventions.

Reading is chosen to be a good hobby for everybody. Reading also develops our handwriting. Why are there libraries in every school and city and why is October named as the month of reading? It’s there to
encourage us to read. We should also make reading our hobby. With the knowledge we get by reading books we organize our lives.

My trip to the hill country

By Charles Perera (Grade 5), Royal Int. School, Kurunegala

I started my journey from the Polgahawela station, in the Udarata Menike, with my father and mother in the observation car. On the way we saw the Lion’s Mouth. It’s an overhanging rock. We also saw the Bible Rock.

We went through so many tunnels. We passed the Pattipola station, the highest station in Sri Lanka, the summit level, the highest railway track in Sri Lanka. The height is 1,898.1m above sea level.
We saw the Demodara Nine Arch Bridge.

The bridge is constructed solely out of solid rock, brick and cement without the use of iron and steel. We saw the Demodara Railway Loop. It is like a turban. The railway track passes the station and goes underneath again.

Finally we got down at Ella station. We visited Ravana Ella, Ella Gap, Dowa temple and Ella cave temple. We stayed at Ella Adventure Park. We visited Bandarawela and Badulla also we went to Mathiyanganaya temple. After three days we came back home by Podi Menike. It was an enjoyable journey.

My self

By Shavindi Kahadugoda (9 years), Telijjavila Royal College, Matara

My name is Shavindi. I am nine years old. My school is Telijjavila Royal College. My favourite food is cake.
I like to be a good citizen and a teacher one day.

My favourite cartoon character

By Shannya Fernando (10 years), St. Nicholas Int College

My favourite cartoon character is Flora. She is the most beautiful member of Winx Club. She wears a pink dress. She has a powerful power of flowers. She has many friends and she is very kind. She studies in Alfea the magicians’ school. She is a fairy. She is 23 years old. She is very beautiful.

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