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Our captain Sangakkara

By Kalendra Abeysinghe (Grade 4), Trinity College, Kandy

Kumar Sangakkara was born in Matale in 1977 on October 27. He studied at Trinity College, Kandy.
In his school years he has been the best cricket player. After that he joined NCC Sports Club. Later on he joined the national team. His first match was against Pakistan.

In the year 2009, he was given the captaincy of the Sri Lankan Cricket team. 2011 World Cup is his third World Cup. He’s captaining a World Cup team for the first time.

His batting style is left-hand batsman. His fielding position is wicket keeper. He plays for Asia XI, Colombo District Cricket Association, Kandurata, Kings XI Punjab, Marylebone Club, Nondescripts Club and Warwickshire.

I am proud to study in Sanga Aiya’s school. One day like Sanga Aiya I will also be a best cricketer.
I wish Sanga Aiya and the team all the best.


From an overseas reader

By Nethmi Karunanayake (14 years), Western Heights High School, Rotorua

In murky puddles of blood you swam
Much of it your own,
Despite in darkness you could not sleep,
Nor could you cry or moan.

The days seemed to stretch for miles,
The miles you walked alone,
A gun on your back and sweat on your brow,
You endured while weary and forlorn.

The sights of Torment, smells of Crusade
Stains the places wherein you fought,
An eternal reminder of the noble and brave
Who brought us the victory that we sought.

You abided the strident sounds of war,
Louder than a thunderous night,
While your flesh was slashed by bullets and bombs,
You had the courage to persist and fight.

Even when all hope seemed ripped away,
One thing within still remained,
The honour for our Motherland was still alight,
With that, your battle sustained.

Now that you too have passed on
Please know you died not in vain,
For you have abolished all evil from our shores,
And Sri Lanka is unified again.

Even though many may not know your name
Your tale, dear soldier shall live on,
You shall be remembered in history as patriots,
Who died in a war that was won.

Bear facts

By Samith Ailapperuma (11 years), Trinity College, Kandy

The biggest of all bears is the polar bear and the smallest is the sun bear. The black bear is the
commonest of all bears. The most heavily built bear is the Kodiak bear.

Polar bears live in the Arctic. They have thick, white, oily fur coats to protect them from the cold. They mostly prey on seals and walrus. Female grizzly bears with cubs can be really dangerous. Their
favourite food is salmon. The brown bear lives in the Kodiak islands of Alaska. Because there is plenty of food available here these bears grow huge.

The black bear lives in forests where they feed on berries, nuts, bulbs and grubs and honey. The sun bear gets its name because of the patch of yellowish fur on its chest.

The Asian black bear is also called the moca bear because of the half circle of fur on its chest. The sloth bear got its name because of its ability to hang like a sloth. The life span of a bear is 30 – 40 years.

My garden

By Keneesha Perera (7 years), Vihara Maha Devi B.V., Kiribathgoda

We have a lovely garden. Our garden has four big trees. They are jak, breadfruit, coconut and,
a rambutan tree. They give us shade.

There are many flower plants. There is a small vegetable plot. It has chillies, tomatoes, ladies fingers and brinjals. In the morning, birds come to the garden. They sing on the trees and hop on the grass. In the evening, I play with my brother and our puppy in the garden.

We ride our bicycle in the garden. Our garden is a lovely place. I love my garden.

My father

By Taniya Thangesan (12 years), Good Shepherd Convent, Nuwara Eliya

My father’s name is K. Thangesan. He is a very good father for me. He works in Saree Centre. He is 49 years old. He was looking so smart when he was young. September 9 was the day he came to this world.

He is very good as well as very kind. He helps me and my two brothers in studies. He fulfills all our needs. I think my father is a very good example for a good and great father.

My father loves me as well as my brothers. We also love mother and father very much. I pray to God to give good health to my father to live for a long time.

Kindness to animals

By Malshi Wijethunga (Grade 7), Willesden College Int.

There are several domestic animals that are useful and faithful to us. Some of them are; cows,
buffaloes, dogs and horses. They should all be well looked after and treated in a humane way.

But in the modern day society, certain cruel people treat animals in an inhuman way. Some animals are faced with the dangerous threat of extinction today. This is the result of wicked human beings. Some of the wicked deeds are polluting the environment and cutting of trees.

By cutting trees, animals lose their food and their houses too. Some animals such as elephants are killed for its tusks and deer are killed for its flesh and antlers. We should always try to treat
animals with kindness and sympathy.

When I visited the zoo

By Rizna Rilwan (Grade 6), St. Mary’s Girls’ School, Colombo 2

One morning, my mother, father, grandmother, sister and I visited the zoo. We took tickets and we entered the zoo. Then we visited the flamingoes, different kinds of fish, birds and other animals.

Then we took our lunch at 2.00 p.m. After having lunch we visited the different kinds of snakes. At 4.00 p.m., we enjoyed watching the sea-lion show and at 5.00 p.m., we watched the elephant dance. Then we returned home at 6.00 p.m.

When we returned home I thanked my father, mother and grandmother for taking me and my sister to the zoo. It was an enjoyable day.

Navam Perahera

By Thisuni Rajakaruna (Grade 2), Ladies’ College

I went to see the Navam Perahera at the Gangaramaya Temple. I went to see the perahera with my mother and father. There were lots of elephants. There were many dancers and drummers. I saw a peacock dance. I saw a monkey dance too. I enjoyed the perahera very much. I loved that perahera.

The newspaper I like

By Hashika Mendis (Grade 4), Lyceum Int. School, Nugegoda

The newspaper I like the most is the Funday Times. It is published by Wijeya Newspapers Ltd. It comes with the Sunday Times. We buy it every week on Sundays at the market. I love to read it because it has
interesting activities, cartoons and attractive pictures. There are many drawings by children and also
crossword puzzles.

There is a separate page for children below 6 years which has many picture stories. There are different articles about the environment, science, world history and news around the world. It gives us knowledge by reading.

I can’t wait to buy the next paper to read and have fun. I love to read the Funday Times. I send my articles.
It is interesting for me and I love to read it.

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