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Fathom Ares the courageous

By Yasasmin

A few weeks back, we launched a search to look for Aphrodite, without whom, Olympus looked all gloomy. Zeus, the head of Olympus was very happy about the support our little earthlings gave with the search and thanks you for that.

This week, we look into someone else. He is Ares. Ares, it seems, is getting stronger everyday, with so much of anger and resentment spreading around in the world. Ares, in Olympus, is the God of
War and Warriors. And he is strong, (with fire in his eye sockets instead of eye balls, according to Percy Jackson) decisive, fearless and very determined. When he decides on creating a rift between people, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop a war taking place, except Aphrodite, because Aphrodite spreads
compassion and love.

Ares is said to be at the heart of all major wars the world saw, starting from the ancient Trojan War. And even now, do you know that there are around nine major wars taking place today, with around 25 minor wars and that millions and millions of people are dying?

But, there is no need to fear Ares. As I mentioned above, Ares is the God of Warriors too. Ares is also the God of Courage and Saviour of Cities and Father of Victory.

So, if you remain courageous, you can face any battle you want. Remember how Percy Jackson faced Atlas courageously and saved the day at the end of the book, even though Ares was angry with him…

Being courageous is not the same as being fearless. Courage is needed because there IS fear and Ares represents both. But, Ares appreciates people standing up against their fear and facing it courageously.

Accept it when you feel afraid, but use courage to continue with your objectives and take action even in the face of fear. Fear, as Ares says, helps you protect yourself from danger, whereas courage helps you take action despite being fearful. Fear is necessary as long as you do not let fear stop you.

Now that we are talking about fear, let’s look into the reasons that cause fear normally in our day to day lives. If you fear something, talk to someone about it. A parent would be ideal. If not, an elder sibling or a close relative will be able to help you out too.

They can help you ease your fear and face any troubled situation fearlessly. I know how it was when you had to stand up on stage for the first time to act out in the school Christmas drama. But, talk to your sister who performed last year, or your mother who will always be there to help you out. They will give you the strength to be courageous.

Most of the time, what we fear is what others will think of us, if we do something or say something. Say, if it’s the Christmas drama, what you fear is what other people will think of you and your acting. Whether they would laugh at you, ridicule you… Remember, Ares stands for war but you are bound to lose the war if you don’t face it courageously. Same thing applies for all the incidents in life. Courage is important.
Another reason we fear is our

feelings. We fear our feelings. For example, the stage play… You fear whether you look good with a lot of make-up on your face or not, whether you’ll be sad if your friends laugh at you. Don’t let fear stop you. Remember Ares, and that fear and courage come hand in hand. Walk into the fear, because that means you will be walking into the courage too.

Fathom Ares, the God of War, who represents both fear and courage. Understand him, and you’ll face life with much happiness and courage at heart.

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