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The fight in the colouring book

By Manoshi de Silva

Dad gifted Nilma and Roy with a big colouring book and a set of crayons. It was a big book with beautiful pictures of various animals and the crayon set had all the colours in the rainbow and more. Nilma and Roy were very happy.

Nilma said, “Let’s start colouring right away!”“Let’s do something fun with this,” said Roy, “lets colour these pictures in a really funny way!” And so they began colouring. They forgot all their other toys and kept on colouring. Page by page, they coloured the whole day until they finished the entire book. Finally it was time for them to have dinner and go to sleep. So they kept the book on the table, had dinner, brushed their teeth and went to bed. Soon they were fast asleep.

And now it was time for the pictures in the book to wake up. “Shrieeeeek!” screamed the picture of a cat.“What is wrong?” asked the other pictures. “Look at me! Look at me!” wailed the cat. “They have coloured me in red! Have you ever heard of a red cat?” The cat was coloured in the brightest red. The others found this funny and started to laugh until they took a proper look at themselves.

Oh no! Everyone was coloured in the most unbelievable shades. The dog was green, the elephant was pink with blue polka dots, the pig was yellow, the polar bear was black and the rest of the animals were coloured no better.

“I thought as much when the little boy said ‘let’s colour them in a funny way!’” sighed a little rabbit in shocking pink. Everyone started to talk at once and complain about it. There was a big noise in the colouring book. The elephant looked around and saw the black polar bear. “Hey you are wearing my colour! Give me back my black colour!” he demanded. “Then get me back my white!” snapped the polar bear pointing at the parrot which was coloured in white.

Everyone was watching this argument and then they all started to demand for their rightful colours from the others. By now everyone was shouting, “That’s my colour!” “Give me back my colour!”“That’s enough! Stop this at once!” shouted a blue bear. “Don’t be silly! We are coloured in these shades, we can’t remove and trade them just because they are not our real colours!”

“Then what must we do?” asked a purple hippo. “I know!” said the pink elephant. “Let’s find the crayons and colour over these unmatching shades.”“Yes! Let’s colour ourselves again!” said the green dog.
“That won’t do!” said the brown peacock. “We are just pictures. We can’t colour ourselves. Someone else has to colour us!”“What do we do? What do we do?” they all started to panic. “But I don’t want to change my colour even if I could!” said a little orange mouse. It was more orange than an evening sky. But it looked quite happy with its bright orange fur.

“Have you all forgotten how we were before we got coloured? We had only lines and no colour at all. But now we all look very colourful and different. So why should we complain?” asked the mouse.

Everyone started to scratch their heads and started thinking. The little mouse was right. They were all plain line drawings before with no colour. But now, although the colours weren’t exactly matching, everyone had a colour to call his own.

“There is something different about these new colours, you know…” began the hippo. “Well, I guess they are more exciting!” said the red cat licking its red paw. “I think I am beginning to like my new colour!”
“Yeah! Green is kind of cool for a dog!” said the green dog scratching its fur.

And one by one they all started to admire their new colours. Soon everyone was complimenting each other. They all agreed that the new colours were more exciting and unique. And so the fight in the colouring book came to an end.

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