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My father

By Sinalie Abeyewardene (Grade 2), Lyceum Int. School, Panadura

My father’s name is Nirodha Abeyewardene. He is a ship planner. My father is a good swimmer.
He helps me in my studies. He likes to play chess. I love my father very much.


By Thathsara Nawarathna (7 years), St. Anthony’s College, Kandy

Lion is a large animal. Lion is a meat eater. It is a very strong animal. It has lots of fur. Lion has very sharp teeth and powerful legs. It hunts large animals, like deer and stags. I like the lion because it is the king of the jungle.

Awards ceremony

By Shakya Perera (Year 2), Gateway Int. College, Kandy

Awards Ceremony was held in our school last October. The Research Professor was the chief guest. Many students got prizes. There were interesting items played by the children. Photographs were taken by the photographer. I enjoyed the Awards Ceremony very much.

A picnic I had

By Keshia Gunathilaka (Grade 4), Eastern Academy of World Education, Batticaloa

Last Saturday I went to Pasikudah. I went with my father and mother. We left home at about 8.30 in the morning. We reached Pasikudah at about 9.30. When we reached there at first we looked for a place to sit, then we had our breakfast. Then we walked to the beach and there under some shady trees we kept our things and we changed our clothes and went to the water.

The sea was very rough on that day and there were big waves. We held our hands and stayed together.
I held my mother’s and father’s hands and tried to swim and float, but I couldn’t. I fell in the water when big waves came. It was fun.

After a little while we came out of the water and had our brunch. Then again we went to the water. I told my parents we will stay in the water for a long time. I felt sad when my mother said we will go home. At about 2.30 we left for home. I was very happy and I enjoyed my picnic very much.

Advantages of hiking as a hobby

By Chandimali Jayasekara (Grade 8), Kegalle B.V.

Hiking is walking long distances with a group while taking all the necessary clothes, food, water, binoculars, shoes etc. It is a group activity. We can learn to enjoy and share with others. We can learn to respect others’ ideas. We can learn good qualities like helping, empathy, tolerance.

We can also learn leadership qualities. We can learn to work and solve problems as a group. We can explore new places. We can learn about historical places. We can enjoy nature and get first hand
information. We can experience many difficulties when hiking such as climbing hills, crossing rivers, walking across jungles. We can improve our knowledge on various topics such as geography, history and environment.

We can get mental satisfaction. We can enjoy with friends. We can be happy and carefree. We can get physical exercise. We can get used to long walks. We can improve endurance. We can build up strength. We can learn to carry heavy goods for long distances. We can get many other advantages by doing
hiking. So finally we can say hiking is a useful leisure activity.

Value of the library

By Taniya Thangesan (12 years), Good Shepherd Convent, Nuwara Eliya

Skills of reading are improved by good books. Good books are found in libraries. Reading is important to us. Because of that we should read many good books. Libraries are very important and valuable to us.

We can get many details from the books in the libraries. The most valuable books are found in libraries.
Libraries provide services for school students as well as to the public. In a public library we can find any kind of books to read, because there are many books in the library.

It is our choice to select good books. Reading books improve knowledge and the skills of reading. The library improves the skills of reading and helps to spend leisure time effectively.

My Sunday School teacher

By Vojitha Herat (Grade 2), Royal Int. School, Kurunegala

My Sunday School teacher’s name is Rajika. She is very good and kind. She is very tall. She tells us stories. I love her very much.

My pet

By Dilakshi Michael (Grade 2), Tamil C.C., Bandarawela

My pet’s name is Kitty. My pets’ colour is grey. It likes to eat rice and loves to drink milk. It comes
running when I call. I like it very much.

Dealing with anger

By Naomi De Soysa (Grade 5), Ladies’ College

Anger is a negative emotion. When you are angry, your body gives out negative vibrations which affect others too. Anger automatically creates hate or dislike. Most people think revenge is the only alternative. But is your opponent worth all the energy you waste hating him or her? That person did something to hurt you, but the important thing is the way you react. Did you let your anger take a hold of you? If you did, then you lost the battle! You opponent’s goal is to see you angry or upset.

Another thing that people do is to let their anger out on other people. This is wrong. You have no right to mess up someone else’s day. This will make people dislike you and you may make another enemy. Your smile is your weapon! Smile, show no dislike and mostly show no fear.

If you can’t do that don’t do anything at all. Whatever a person said or did will pass by you like the breeze and will bring out the best in you. Your good feelings and self-confidence must be sturdy and immovable. Try to help people and stop them from going the wrong way.

People may not listen to you, but do not punish them. That is not your duty and it’s not worth it. Remember correcting and condemning are two different things. So just remember if anyone bothers you, it’s their own problem! At the end of the day, you’ll see that your real enemy is your own anger and feelings of hate. Think a minute!

Water Monster!

By Raj Prabu (Grade 5), Royal Institute

Once when I was enjoying the sea-shore with my father, we decided to go fishing. I threw three corners of the net and held one corner of it. By doing this we collected a lot of fish. As I was fishing, I felt something pulling the net. I let go of the net in shock. As I left the net, the water monster named “Loch Bess” splashing out of the water and roaring. People nearby ran as fast as they could, but the monster ate 25 people.

It got very angry that when it opened its mouth, fire balls started coming out. It created a lot of fire. Many people tried to stop it but they failed. One strong man caught it and a scientist took the monster to his lab and gave it a venom type medicine and kept it in a room.

After two or three days the monster died. Then we were all very happy and had a party. Then I felt someone tapping me. It was my mother trying to wake me up for school. I was very happy that it was only a dream.

A memorable trip

By Yoosuf Fazly (8 years), Hejaaz Int. School, Mt. Lavinia

I went to Kandy during the vacation last year. It was a wonderful experience for me. We went by train. During our journey, we saw wonderful sceneries like waterfalls, mountains and paddyfields. Most of the areas were green, as there were a lot of trees.

The Udarata Menike train went through dark tunnels. When our train was full of darkness it was a stunning moment.

When we arrived in Kandy it was almost evening and the surroundings were covered in mist and we couldn’t even see one another. Although it was a tiring journey, it happened to be my most memorable trip.

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