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Legend of the Pony’s Tears

Chapter Eleven : The Trail of Tears
A Quality Serials Story By Mary Maden, Illustrated By Vicki Wallace Copyright 2004 by Mary Maden. All rights reserved.

The next day, Little Wolf’s people made ready to leave. The preparations took only a short time to complete since most of the people had very few belongings left to take. Little Wolf noticed that his mother was quieter than usual. He also noticed that there were dark circles under her eyes.

“Are you well, Mother?” Little Wolf asked in a concerned voice. “I am fine,” Little Wolf’s mother answered.

The soldiers led Little Wolf and the others out of the stockade. Little Wolf’s people formed a long line behind the soldiers. They all stood waiting helplessly to be taken away from their homes, their lives, and their mountains –– everything they held sacred and dear. The expressions on their faces were ones of anger, bewilderment, and great sadness.

A shrill bugle sounded. “Move out!” a soldier ordered. Little Wolf’s people began to move. Hesitantly they followed the soldiers. Several small children stopped and faced the mountains.

They lifted their tiny hands and solemnly waved goodbye. “Come on, let’s go,” one of the soldiers yelled impatiently to the children. “Hurry along now!”

With the soldiers in the lead, Little Wolf and his people began their long journey west. Little Wolf walked beside his mother. He felt like crying, but he held his tears in. Little Wolf wondered if anything would ever be right again!

That same day, the little pony decided he could wait no longer. He would go and find Little Wolf! The pony made his way back to the horse pen. To his surprise, the pen was empty! An old horse stood alone next to the pen munching on some grass.

“Horse, is that you?” the pony said. “Ain’t you a sight for sore eyes!” the old horse cried. “I’m glad to see you still have your hide!” “Where is everybody?” the pony asked. “Don’t know and don’t care,” answered the old packhorse. “I am looking for the boy, Little Wolf,” the pony said. “Please, it’s important. Have you seen him?”

“Nope,” replied the horse. “Why’s it so all-fired important?” “He’s my friend,” the pony stammered. “I haven’t seen him in months! I have to find him!” “Sounds like he plumb forgot about you, if you ask me,” the old horse said. “I told you no good would come being friends with a human!”

“That’s not true!” the little pony protested. “Little Wolf would never forget me, just as I would never forget him!” Just then a small bird perched on the rail of the pen. “I have sad news,” the little wren said. “The boy, Little Wolf, and his people are gone. They were taken from these mountains, never to return.”
“Who took them?” the pony asked the bird. “Where did they go?”

“Men with guns took them away,” the bird said. “I do not know where.” The little pony couldn’t believe his ears! Little Wolf was gone! “Why don’t you stay here with me?” the old horse offered. “The grass is a
little tough, but it ain’t half bad.”

“Thank you, anyway,” the pony said. “But I will go back and wait for Little Wolf.” “Are you deef?” the old horse yelled. “Didn’t you hear that bird? The boy’s gone. He ain’t never comin’ back!”

The little pony walked away, ignoring the old horse’s words. With a heavy heart, the pony went back to the secret place. He had never felt so alone in his life!

Little Wolf didn’t know how many days had gone by since they had left their home. The mountains were far behind them, and still they walked. Little Wolf heard his mother cough. She and his aunt were walking a few yards behind him. He turned around and smiled. His mother gave him a weak smile in return. Her face was worn and tired.

Little Wolf turned back around. It hurt him to see the haggard look on his mother’s face. His smile changed into a look of anger. His mother had been sick for days now. She needed rest, but still they were made to walk!

Suddenly Little Wolf heard a scream. He whirled around to see his aunt struggling to hold on to his mother. Little Wolf ran to help. “Mother!” the boy cried. “Are you all right? Mother!” Little Wolf’s mother sank
to the ground. The boy sat down in the dirt and cradled her in his arms. His aunt started weeping.
“Little Wolf, my son,” his mother said. “You are such a good boy.”

Little Wolf’s mother raised her hand and brushed the boy’s hair out of his eyes. She saw his tears.
“Do not weep, little one,” his mother spoke softly. “I will love you always.”

“Mother!” Little Wolf screamed. “Mother!” Little Wolf’s aunt began to wail. Her wails cut through Little Wolf’s heart like a knife!

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