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My favourite sportman
By R. Manushan (Grade 6), S. Thomas' College, Mt. Lavinia

My favourite sportsman is a cricketer. His name is Kumar Sangakkara. Kumar is the Sri Lankan cricket team captain. Kumar is a wicket-keeper and a batsman.

He was educated at Trinity College. Sanga is also a lawyer. He has scored more than eight thousand runs in one day international matches. He is also the best keeper batsman among the top five. Sanga uses a bat called "SS".

I feel that Kumar can take the Sri Lankan team to a good position in the future. I like Kumar Sangakkara very much.

My best friend

By Sameesha Dissanayake (Grade 2), Holy Family Convent, Bambalapitiya

My best friend's name is Tavishi. She is eight years old. Tavishi has two elder sisters. She is my cousin sister. Tavishi goes to Vidura College. She likes Michael Jackson's songs. Tavishi likes high heels and she also likes to dress up. She also likes 'Hannah Montana.' I love my best friend.

Value of trees

By Niruthikka Sritharan (10 years), Methodist College

Trees are the kingdom of plants which are an integral part of our environment. Both man and animals cannot live without trees because they depend on trees for their food.

A tree serves us in many ways. It gives us food, timber and medicine. It provides us shelter. We get the most needed rain because of the trees. Trees beautify our environment. They stop the soil erosion too. Not only human beings, animals also get many uses from trees. Birds also build their nests on trees.
We know that the main reason for a drought is the cutting down of trees. When we cut down trees, the water fountains run dry.

Most people do not realise the value of trees. Illegal felling of trees is common today. It is true that
sometimes we need to cut down trees. But we have to plant another in its place.

The forest covers in Sri Lanka has been reduced to only 20% today. Even the forests which are protected by the government are destroyed by some money-minded people.

Trees can be regarded as a gift from nature to man and animals. So we should preserve them forever. If we cut down trees in this manner, our country will become a desert. Let us save the trees that save us.

The Vesak festival

By Minsadi De Silva (Grade 5), Visakha Vidyalaya

Vesak is an important festival for Buddhists. It falls on a full moon poya day in May every year. Buddhists all over the world celebrate it. We commemorate the Birth, Enlightenment and Passing Away of the Buddha on this day.

In every Buddhist home, people make Vesak lanterns and light oil lamps. They offer flowers and worship at the temple. Many people make colourful pandals in towns and cities, and do meritorious acts. They give alms and hold dansals during this period. During the Vesak period, killing animals is completely prohibited and all liquor shops are closed.

People live in peace and harmony during this period. I think this is the greatest festival in Sri Lanka.

Romulus and Remus

By Maya Weerasinghe (10 years), British School in Colombo

There was a lady who made a vow,
I don't know how
Then came a god with a golden dove,
How could she not accept his love

He wooed her on to his carriage,
Later came the marriage,
After that she gave birth to boys,
Which brought her joys

The mother of the boys was put in a casket,
A wolf found them drowning in a basket,
Thank god it's not me,
She took them home to under a tree

One killed one, because of a fight,
They both thought they were right,
One died over a home,
That's how they founded Rome!

A rainy day

By Ravinthie Dharmappriya (Grade 3), Lyceum International School, Nugegoda

It was very gloomy and very dark. But I had to go to school. I put a raincoat in my bag. Then I got ready to go to school.

When we were going, raindrops fell by. Birds were flying to their nests. Trees were shaking. People were running everywhere. Suddenly it started to rain heavily. That made the traffic slow down.

The wind blew very strong. At once the car got stuck in the mud. We waited for an hour. The rain stopped little by little. People helped to push the car. Five minutes later we were at school.

I was a little wet. My teacher excused me. I wish that it would never rain again.

My grandfather

By Iyadh Khan (8 years), Royal College

My grandfather is Hansari Khan. He is my father's father. He lives in Chilaw with my grandmother. He was a school principal.

He used to go fishing and shooting those days. He likes curd and nuts. Everyone knows and loves him very much. "Appa" buys us a lot of things when we go to Chilaw.


By Tarini Abayasekara (6 years), Ladies College

My name is Tarini. I'm six years old. I like to eat popcorn. My hobbies are making puzzles and reading
storybooks. My favourite colour is purple. I like to watch 'Tom and Jerry'. I want to be an art teacher when I grow up.

My loving mother

By Ayshamariam Ifhaam (Grade 1), Belvoir College International

My mother's name is Fahima. She is tall, fair and very pleasant. My loving mother is a house-wife. I enjoy the delicious food she prepares for me. She helps me and my brother with our school work.

My mother loves to keep our house clean and tidy. She teaches me lots of good habits and corrects me when I do wrong. Her favourite food is prawns.

My loving mother is very kind and she loves us very much. I love my darling mother very, very much and I pray to God to keep her healthy and happy always.

A journey by train

By Yasangi Wijerathna (12 years), Kandy Girls' High School

During our vacation our mother planned to go and visit her parents who were in Badulla. We waited impatiently till the day came. On that day my mother was so busy. She was cooking, packing our clothes,
packing our things. Because we had to go to the station before six.

As soon as the station master announced at the Kandy station, our train stopped to take us. We were so happy and climbed into the train. As the train passed all the stations it was just like a picture; rivers, lakes, schools, mountains. Oh! What a beautiful scene that was. I couldn't even breathe. I shouted to my sister, what a lovely experience. I will never forget forever my first journey by train.

Animal packs

By Samith Ailapperuma (Grade 6), Trinity College, Kandy

A group of animals in the dog family that hunt together can be called a pack. Some animal packs are wolf packs, African wild dog packs, hyena packs, jackal packs and dog packs.

In the wild, packs always hunt together. Every pack has a male leader. Hyenas have a female pack leader since they are larger and stronger than males. A wolf pack can kill a bison who weighs up to 900 kg, while one wolf will weigh only 30 kg. An African wild dog pack can kill a gazelle who could run up to 95 kmph.

Hyenas unlike their cousins will eat their prey alive. Jackals don't always hunt as a pack but when they do they can kill a baby zebra since they are only the size of a dog.

Dog packs are formed by stray dogs, but dogs which are kept as pets too join these packs. In every pack males will fight for leadership. The leader of the hyena pack will give the leadership to her daughter.

Jackals are the only pack that can live in the desert. Out of ten hunts only one hunt will be successful for these animals, but they are still a very strong team.

My school sports meet

By Keshia Gunathilaka (Grade 3), Eastern International School, Batticaloa

My school is Eastern International School. It is in Batticaloa town. On April 30, 2010, we had our Annual sports meet.

There are three houses, Ruby – red, Sapphire – blue, Topaz – yellow. I was very happy about it. I was in Topaz House. We had our sports meet in the Wieber Stadium, Batticaloa.

There were lots of events. I participated in three events. My friend Dakshini and I came first in the three legged race. I was so happy that Topaz House won and got the Champion cup. There was a band performance and a drill display too.

Vesak Day

By Gangani Kumarasinghe (Grade 9), Vision International School, Kandy

Vesak day is the most celebrated poya day in the year among the Buddhists. Because it is known that three major events, the Birth, Enlightenment, and Passing Away of Buddha’s life happened in vesak days.
On Vesak day morning Buddhists go to temple to observe Sil and listen to Bana from the chief
incumbent of the temple. Therefore you can see white coloured surroundings all over the entire temple yard as sil observed devotees have worn white clothes.

What a peaceful and beautiful scenery it is? Free meals and drinks are offered to them by the
philanthropists in the area. Travellers are also offered free meals and drinks on the way, from alms halls. Good manners and polite language can be seen and heard everywhere on the day of Vesak.

In the night we feel that we have been carried to another wonderful world. Many beautiful pandols can be seen. Not only Buddhists but also other religious people celebrate Vesak night by lighting beautifully decorated lanterns in their houses. Remote villagers also decorate their huts lighting bucket lamps.

The United Nations Organization has already declared Vesak day as an international holiday,
considering Lord Buddha's Dhamma teaches the world harmlessness and peace.

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