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By Bhashini Wijesinghe (11 years), Sujatha Vidyalaya, Nugegoda

The winter snow melts,
The days grow longer,
And the nights grow shorter.
Green leaves come out,
Spring flowers bloom,
We know that spring has arrived.

The days are longer,
Than the days in spring,
The nights are much shorter.
We play outdoors and go swimming,
The trees are bent with fruits,
Summer is the hottest season.

The hot weather is milder,
The nights become longer,
Green leaves take many shades as they wither.
No colourful soft petals, The birds fly away,
People get ready for winter,
In the autumn season.

Days grow shorter,
And nights grow longer,
Leaves and flowers disappear.
The snow flakes start to fall,
On the rooftops, window-panes and roads,
In the season of winter.

My home garden

By Charunniyah Karthigesu (10 years), Stafford International School

In my home garden I have colourful flowers and green plants. I have bright red roses and sunflowers which grow very high.

I water my plants every morning and evening. Everyday butterflies and bees visit my garden to
collect honey. My father helps me with my gardening. I pluck flowers from my garden to worship God.

I also grow vegetables in my garden. I pluck them and give to my mother to cook. If there are extra
vegetables, I sell it at the market and I get extra money out of it. I decorate my vase with the flowers that bloom in my garden.

I put pesticides to kill the insects that harm my plants. There are different types of leaves in my
garden. I like the leaves on the rose plants because of their heart shape. I like my garden very much.

Willesden College Prize-giving

By Randhula Gajadheera (Grade 4), Willesden College International

This academic event was held on August 6, this year. The chief guest was welcomed by Madam
P. Tennekoon and the Directress Mrs. A. S. Wejayathunga. The event began at 9 a.m. There was a chief guest and a guest of honour.

I got my certificates from the Chief Guest, Professor H.D. Karunarathna. I got seven certificates and a gift voucher for Rs. 500. The subjects that I got certificates for were, English Language, Mathematics, Computing, French, Geography, Science and History.

These certificates were for the best academic performance. There were speeches by the chief guest, guest of honour and madam. The events were dances and a song. My mother and father were not able to attend this event because my second little baby sister was born on that same day and her birth date is
mentioned on my certificates.

My parents were a bit sad that they couldn't see the event. I shall not forget this day.

My hobby

By Mariam Riza (Grade 5), Hejaaz International School

My hobby is collecting stickers. I have got many stickers in my sticker-books up to now. I have three large sticker books. My favourite stickers are Barbie stickers. I have one whole bookful of Barbie stickers.
My mother and brothers help me to collect stickers.

I used to exchange stickers with my friends. My friends also help me to collect stickers. Collecting stickers is very interesting. I like to look at my sticker collection whenever I am free. I think collecting stickers is the best hobby in this world.

I love my hobby and I hope to continue my hobby.

My motherland

By Shamalka Jayalath (Grade 3), Defence Services College

My motherland is Sri Lanka. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. It is a beautiful small island. It is called 'The Pearl of the Indian Ocean.'

There are many nationalities in my country. Colombo is the commercial capital in Sri Lanka. There are many beautiful rivers and waterfalls. Mahaweli is the longest river in Sri Lanka. Piduruthalagala is the highest mountain in Sri Lanka.

Many people love my country. I also love my country too. I will work hard to develop my country in the future.

If I were a fruit

By Shaariqah Ismath, (8 years)

If I were an apple, I would be bright red in colour. I would be round like a ball. My skin would be smooth and shiny.

I would grow on a tree in a cool climate. When I am ripe, I would be very sweet and juicy. People would love to pluck me in baskets.

I am not peeled but am cut into pieces to eat. People do make juice out of me. I am very nutritious and a protective fruit. It is said that "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," and I am everybody's favourite fruit.

If I were a bird

By Manuja Rajakaruna (Grade 3), Vidura College

If I were a bird, I would like to be a parrot. Then I would have beautiful green feathers. I would like to fly over the mountains.

When I get hungry, I will fly over fruit trees and eat all the fruits. I will make my nest in the jungle, high up in a tree. I will visit beautiful gardens and all the famous places in my country.

I can make friend with different kinds of birds. I would really like to be a parrot.

My self

By Liyara Dunuwille (Grade 2), Ladies College

My name is Liyara. I am seven years old. I study at Ladies College. I like to eat chips and drink Milo. I like to read books.

My favourite sports are swimming and golf. I like to play with my dolls. I have a twin sister named Kiyara. My favourite colour is blue. When I grow up I like to be a Dentist.

My favourite animal

By Miyuranga Premawardhana (Grade 4), Trinity College, Kandy

My favourite animal is the horse. I like to ride a horse, but I could only ride a pony in the park. It is shorter than a horse. I wish to be the best rider in the world. But it is only a dream.

In the olden days it is known that Prince Kirthi, Prince Gemunu and Madduma Bandara rode horses when they were young children. I think I can ride a horse if I attempt and win a first place in a horse race.

I like to collect more than hundred horses. I like brown coloured horses more than others. There are different kinds of horses.

They are fat, short, tall and thin. I like tall and thin horses. I like them because they can run fast. The fastest horse in the world is black in colour. But I like all horses in the world.

My mother

By Imasha Senavirathne (Grade 2), St. Joseph's Balika Primary School, Kegalle

My mother's name is Dulika. My mother loves me. She feeds me. My mother buys new clothes for me. She looks after me very well. I love my mother.

We salute our heroic sons of Sri Lanka

By Thakshila Dissanayake (Grade 5), G/Primary School

October 1st is World Children's Day. Now we can celebrate our day in freedom in our mother land. So, first we must salute our heroes of the Sri Lanka Army, Navy and Airforce.

We will celebrate this Children's Day with Northern Tamil girls and boys. At that time, we will worship our Lion heroes under the Sri Lankan National Flag.

We will welcome this Children's Day by saying Ayubowan ! Assalam Aleikum!! Welcome !!! And Wanakkam. I wish to protect my country’s freedom as an Eagle in the Sri Lankan sky.

Deerghayu !!! My Mother, Sri Lanka !

My pen pal

By Malsha Wilfred (Grade 5), Sacred Heart Convent, Galle

I have a pen pal. Her name is Johanna Stolze. She is from Dresden, Germany. She is studying in Grade 8 of Gymnasium Dresden Cotta School. She is 14 years old and her birthday is on June 11.

Johanna is a very kind girl. She is medium built and has black, short hair. Johanna has only a younger sister in her family. Her sister Ozeana is six years old. She is also schooling.

Johanna has many hobbies. She likes running, meeting friends, singing and playing the piano etc.

Johanna sends me pictures and photos of Germany with her letters. She sends me presents too. I like Johanna very much. I hope one day to go to Germany to do my higher studies with her.

Preventing the spread of dengue

By Aaron Morais (Grade 3) Lyceum International School, Wattala

Over 20,000 people have been infected and more than 100 people have died this year. All because of a tiny and dangerous insect called the dengue mosquito.

How do we prevent the spread of dengue? First we must start from our own house. We have to separate our garbage and make sure it is taken away daily.

Empty containers which can hold rain water should be emptied daily. These are the primary breeding area of the dengue mosquito. We need to sort our drains to make sure that water flows.

We need to clean our house inside and outside daily by sweeping and mopping. We need to sustain the
practice of doing all of the above to stop the breeding of the dengue mosquito.

If all of us join together we can make Sri Lanka a dengue-free island.

My school

By Dulan Madusanka (11 years), R/Kadangoda Vidyalaya

The name of my school is R/ Kadangoda Vidyalaya. It is a mixed school with about 800 students. It is a small school with only 30 teachers. There are classes from Grade One to Grade Eleven.

We have a library, a laboratory, a canteen and a playground. I love my school very much.


By Himashu Mayasinghe (Grade 5) Ariyawansha Junior School, Thelahara

Trees are of various kinds. They are very useful. Trees give food, medicine, shade, furniture,
firewood and many other uses.

We should protect them and never let anyone cut them down. Let's plant more and more trees and make our world wonderful.

Teacher, Teacher...

By Gimhani Waduge (Grade 9) Carmel Girls' Central College, Chilaw

We leave our home
For the first time in our life,
And go to the care of the teacher,
Complete with love, kindness and innocence.

When naughty she doesn't get angry,
Just shows the mistake lovingly.
Spending our schooling years,
With a great person like this,
She who shows the good and bad,
Takes us to the real path.

She may be tough at times,
That never lasts long,
And it is for our future to brighten.
The wisest person of all, I think
Is the teacher,
Who teaches us of the things,
We have never heard of.

Can we ever repay what she gave us?
Complete with love, care and knowledge,
Do you think,
That the teacher is our second parent?

My home garden

By Dewmalee Jayamanne (8 years), Ceylinco Sussex College, Kurunegala

I have a large home garden. It has many beautiful flowers. They are roses, gardenia, temple flowers and orchids. My home garden has many fruit trees. They are banana, papaw, mango, rose apple and guava.

A lot of butterflies and birds come to my home garden. We have spared some mango trees for the birds. I like to walk and see beautiful flowers in my home garden. In the evening, I put water to the plants. The garden looks very beautiful when it has trees and flowers.

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