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A tough decision
A new serial story to celebrate International Literacy Month
Chapter Six

The newspaper team hears about a new story. They're hesitant to write about it in the Journal, because it is bad news. After debating the topic, Matty announced his vote. "I say we run the story. Everyone is always more interested in bad news than good news."

"While that may be true, Matty," Cindy said softly. "I really don't want us to be the ones telling everyone bad news all of the time." "Well, I think that as long as we report both good news and bad news, then we're doing our jobs!" José said proudly. "News is news. And as long as we report the truth, I believe we should report it all."

"Let's take a vote," Jake said to the team. "Who says we should run the new story? Raise your hand."

Slowly the bugs started to raise their hands. First Matty, which was really no surprise, then Jake and José lifted their hands up high. Everyone held their breath as Rocko lifted all of his arms. But there was no injury this time. Then Ricky and the troops all raised their hands. Cindy was the last to vote "yes," to make it unanimous.

"OK, that's it then," Jake said. "We have decided that we will report all the news from now on," and he finished his statement with such confidence that the Fly on the Wall Journal team all started clapping. Cindy grabbed her first-aid kit and headed to Rocko, just in case.

"I've been thinking," Jake said, as everyone quieted down. "Why don't we put other things in the Journal, along with our news stories?""Like what?" José asked. "Well, I think it would be fun to include some kind of game or puzzle in our newspaper," Jake continued. "Like a maze or word puzzle, what do you guys think?"

"I LOVE that idea!" Cindy could not contain her excitement. "I could create something in my web, and Rocko could copy it into the Journal.""Sounds lame to me," Matty said, yawning loudly and trying to look bored. "But Matty, I was hoping you would help me figure out how to get it onto the paper," Rocko said.

"Uh, Did I s… say lame?" Matty stuttered. "I meant to say… uh… I meant to say 'sounds like a
fabulous idea,'" Matty said, and everyone just grinned at each other. Not one of them could remember seeing Matty this excited about anything. Matty and Cindy immediately started working on their puzzle.
"I think it should be a maze," Cindy said, as she leaned forward on her folded front legs.

"What if we make our first puzzle about the newspaper?" Matty offered. He was trying to stay close to Cindy without getting stuck in her web. "I was thinking that at one end of the puzzle would be José and at the other end, he's trying to get to the news story."

"Perfect!" Cindy shouted, which startled the mantis. Matty had to grab onto the side of the branch or he would have fallen off. As she danced across the web, Cindy created the challenging maze with Matty making suggestions.

José and Jake were on the other side of the branch discussing the next Fly on the Wall edition. Ricky and the troops waited for a new assignment. The green blob in the corner was… well, it was still just hanging there. "What's that?" Rocko whispered. Everyone just looked at him. He was the first to hear the noise.

It started off as a quiet hum, then it sounded a little like a whistle and by the time the rest of the newspaper team heard it, the sound became a roaring buzz. Rocko's knees knocked loudly and the leaves on the tree shook wildly.

The sound grew louder and louder. Bzzzz... BzzZZ... BZZZZZZZZZZZ!! Matty immediately disappeared into his background. Cindy crawled into the corner of her web. The ant troop stood bravely in a row. Rocko hid under his worktable. José did his best to blend into the tree branch saying, "I am the tree. I am the tree." Jake was stuck standing out in the open waiting for the enemy to arrive.

To be continued ...

Written by Cathy Sewell, Illustrated by Blaise Sewell, Donated by The Curriculum Closet (

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