The new era of Internet, facebook

Tech Talk with Devaka

Remember the days when Internet first started in the early 90's ? Most of us really couldn't understand it because it was so complicated and was not as "colorful" as it is today. At the beginning, it was more for the "technically sound" users who knew how to write command line codes and was primarily used for business purposes. Over time, it became easier to use and more people focused. So the Internet, went from being "dull" to "fun." Lets look at some of the cool web technologies that has made Internet more fun today.

Social Networking

Facebook, as we all know is a social networking site which has more than 120 million users. It has become a phenomenon, having "Facebook addicts" using it on a daily basis (Yes, I'm one of them!). What's cool about Facebook is the fun applications it offers and the ways in which one can interact with people. How are these applications developed?

The Facebook platform offers a framework in which developers can create application for users, like sending virtual gifts, leaving wall comments and playing scrabble. The Facebook markup language allows to change the "look and feel" of the applications. For more information about Facebook development, visit their developer portal.

(Google keyword search – Facebook Developers)

Web Blog

A website that is usually maintained by an individual who will publish posts on a regular basis. Posts could range from an on-line diary, commentary, events, news to videos and pictures. Here are some blogs to check up on. (Hint - You might recognize the authors) http://harendra.blogspot.com, http://www.devaka.org

Blogging also provides the opportunity for readers to leave comments on posts, making it an interactive website. This is an ideal way for an individual or a company to create awareness which is cost effective and still reach a wide audience. For students and IT professional, blogging can be a source of credibility and in a way, like a resume. Web blogs are now considered as a credible source of news and information on various topics. Its so popular that, Google offers a blog search engine. I encourage all of you to create a blog which is free, and start publishing posts on anything you like. Trust me, once you get the hang of it you won't stop bloggin!

(Google keyword search – Blog/Blogger)


A mashup is a web application that combines ("mash") data from different sources ("websites") and provides with a single web service. Best example, Google Maps – Using many map-based services via third party websites it "mashes up" a web service in which you can find street maps, locate businesses such as restaurants and hotels, to finding car routes and pedestrian routes. I personally find this tool very handy to get about when I'm in a foreign country. A couple of other cool Mashups for you to check out:

Search cube: A visual search engine that presents web search results in a 3D cube interface.
Interestingness: A daily dose of interesting photographs filtered from Flickr.

CatchYouTube: Lets you download any YouTube video in any format on to your desktop.

(Google keyword search – Mashup/GoogleMaps/Search Cube/Interestingness/CatchYouTube)


A well known site among the artistic crowd, Flickr is an image and video hosting website. It is used as a means to share personal photographs and also by bloggers as a photo repository. For those who are into photography, Flickr can be an excellent site to showcase your material to a bigger audience and even get people to comment on them.

One of the features of Flickr is Tagging. Flickr asks photo submitters to tag images which allows searches to find images of a certain topic such as place name, subject or type. This form of collaborative tagging and classifying content is known as folksonomy which is one of the new methods of searching content on the Internet.

(Google keyword search – Flickr)

Game Corner


Once again Electronic Arts Sports releases a ground-breaking game, FIFA SOCCER '09. Released in October of 2008, this has a very good Artificial Intelligence making the one-player version of the game almost close to playing the real thing! You have a wide selection of teams from different leagues and its interesting to see when you play against teams from different leagues.

The easy control feature puts the player at ease having to use only 3 buttons other than the directional buttons. The 'X', 'O' and R1. Tip 1 – When trying to do an offensive tackle, timing is crucial. Make sure you press the 'O' button just "after" the opponent has kicked the ball forward. This helps you to take possession of the ball without having to foul.

Tip 2 – The amount of pressure you put on the 'O' button when doing a kick relates to the amount of power you put into it. Make sure when you are in the penalty area you only tap and not pressing hard on the button, which will result in the ball going over the goal.

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