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Sunday, Octomber 15, 2006
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‘Jayathuru Sankaya’: Miniplay for a worthy cause

By Susitha R. Fernando

'Jayathuru Sankaya' Sriyani Amerasena's latest directorial venture is the first teledrama to be screened the entire proceeds of which is to be used for the construction of a hospital for cancer patients, Incidentally this miniplay is also the first Sri Lanka- Switzerland joint production.

The thirty episode teledrama telecast on Rupavahini channel will launch a fund to collect an estimated Rs. 10 million through the assistance of Sri Lankans living abroad and from other international organizations.

Kusum Makavitage, the president of the Europe-Sri Lanka Friendship Society has initiated this worthy project. "Earlier the Society had built an orphanage for the children spending Rs. 25 million.

The teledrama roles played by Sriyani Amerasena, Buddadasa Vithanarachchi, Jagath Chamila, Indika Upamalee, Vijith Jayasuriya Vithana, Sadda Uthpala Kandage, Maureen Charuni, Bandula Vithanage, Felix Premawardena, Oshadi Hewamaddumage, Sumith Mudannayake, Niluka Rekani, Rajasinghe Loluwagoda, Kumara Ranepura, Aruna Hewamadduma, Ajantha Liyanage, Manel D. Silva, Chamari Tennakoon, Vajira Tennakoon in addition to two guest roles played by Ajith Lokuge and Richard Abeywardena.

According to the story, there is an ancient temple in the up county. In the past the people believed that miracles happened in this temple. But with the passage of time this was forgotten and the number of worshipers and visitors to temple greatly diminished.

The village faces a hard time due to the prolonged drought. All the cultivation has gone dry and villagers believe that this was is a result of some curses that had befallen the village.

But it was only the chief priest of the temple who knew the reason. The curse was due to the loss of 'Conch Shell' (Sankaya). It was believed that wherever the Conch Shell is there is prosperity. Even though it was stolen, its protector, a snake is there. It is harmless to the innocent people but on the look out for the people who robbed the Conch Shell.

Dulika is a pretty young artist and she loves temple arts and helps to protect the temple arts. She meets Harsha on one of her visits to the temple. Harsha is interested in archaeology. He gets to know the information about the treasure Conch Shell from a politician, whose ambition is to find it with the help of Harsha and improve his political image. Harsha too likes it as he would get a handsome reward from the politician.

Dulika's aunt Rita Halangoda, a widow lives in Geneva, Switzerland. She helps Dulika with her paintings. Harsha who is searching for the Conch Shell comes to know that it is more in Sri Lanka. The culprit behind the robbery, Clifford is now happily residing in Geneva. Harsha makes the journey to Switzerland with the help of the politician. In Geneva, Harsha manages to meet Clifford befriends him. Clifford introduces him to his wife, Padmini and daughter Shiromi. Having visited the Cliffords family regularly, Harsha falls in love with Shiromy. Her parents also makes no objection to this. But Harsha does all these to retrieve the Conch Shell.

Meanwhile Dulika too comes to Switzerland to participate in an art exhibition. Oneday meets Harsha and takes to her aunt's place. Dulika's aunt too knows about Clifford and the priceless treasure that he had robbed from Sri Lanka and is keeping with him. However Harsha does not reveal the real reason for his journey to Dulika. He starts an affair with Dulika too. This is to obtain an information about the Conch Shell.

Will Harsha be able to get any information from Shiromi or Dulika? Will any of the girls be able to proceed with the affair with him? Will he be able to take the treasure back? How can the village be cured of the curse? All these will be resolved at the 30th episode of Jayakuru Sankaya.

'Jayathuru Sankaya' telecast on Sunday at 8. 35pm

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