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Sunday, October 15, 2006
Vol. 41 - No 20
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Wijeya Pariganaka

Political Column
  SLFP-UNP talks: The drama behind the drama
  By Our Political Editor
Just eleven months into office, the political fortunes of President Percy Mahinda Rajapaksa seem to be akin to tropical weather. Sometimes it is cool and pleasant. Other times it is hot and uncomfortable. If the political climate has switched from one to the other, yet another in the form of an unpleasant and unbearable phase set in this week.
5th Column
  Historic deal: Who's taking whom for a ride?
  By Rypvanwinkle
My Dear Green Man,
Focus on Rights
  Underscoring the imperative need for a witness protection scheme
  By Kishali Pinto Jayawardena
  This column warned last week that the Sri Lankan government should not be seen as indulging in a suicidal competition with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Tigers as to who should be given the first prize for scorning human rights.
Situation Report
  Muhamalai debacle: The shocking story
  By Iqbal Athas
Hundreds of soldiers trapped in the killing fields of the LTTE.
Issue of the week
  Playing politics with a nuclear rogue state
  By Ameen Izzadeen
Is North Korean leader Kim Jong Il bluffing? In recent years, he has boasted of his country achieving nuclear capability. He has even indicated that North Korea actually possesses nuclear weapons. Last week, North Korea announced that it was getting ready for a nuclear test. Whether it is mere rhetoric or reality will be known only when North Korea goes ahead with the test.
The Economic Analysis
  Challenge of increasing foreign remittances through formal channels
  By the Economist
Since writing on the importance and significance of foreign remittances for the balance of payments in this column two weeks ago, two new developments have occurred.
Inside the glass house
  Chapter VII a dangerous tool in the hands of Bush administration
  By Thalif Deen at the united nations
  NEW YORK - When the US-led coalition invaded Iraq more than three years ago, the Bush administration legally justified it on the ground that the resolution adopted by the Security Council called for military action under Chapter VII of the UN charter.
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