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Sunday, Octomber 15, 2006
Vol. 41 - No 20
TV Times

‘Veeduru Mal’: Depicts a topsy-turvy tale

By Susitha R. Fernando

‘Veeduru Mal’ depicting the tale of a young mother and a child is telecast every Saturday at 9.00 pm on Derana.

Produced by Janaka Siriwardena, the miniplay is directed by Ravindra Wijeratne. 'Veeduru Mal' stars Suraj Mapa, Meena Kumari, Irangani Serasinghe, Jayalath Manoratne, Gihan Fernando, Ruwanthi Mangala, Kumara Thiramadura, Chinthaka Kulatunge, Maheshika Gunasekera, Piyumi Boteju, Bhanuka Manoratne and a child artiste played by Sandali Chathurika Welikanna.

Anantha is a somewhat stubborn character from her small days. She is a legal officer in a private sector organization. She is divorced from her husband Hemantha who is also a legal officer. They have an 8 year old daughter. Anantha is very friendly with Senesh who works with her in the same office and the outsiders see this association differently and think that Senesh is having an affair with Anantha. But there is no such relationship between them and Senesh is engaged to another girl. In the meantime Vishwa, handsome and talented dancer occupies the house close to Anantha's. At the beginning, Anantha dislikes but to get rid of the pressure of outsiders on the relationship of Anantha and Senesh she pretends to everyone that she has an affair with Vishwa and that she is on the verge of getting married to him.

Suraj Mapa and Meena Kumari

Vishwa is unaware of all these. When Hemantha, the former husband of Anantha gets to know about this affair, thinks that the child has no protection, seeks legal help to get custody of the child. The pressure is built on Vishwa, because by this time the young daughter has become a close associate of Vishwa and also Anantha pretends to outsiders that Vishwa is her lover. Owing to this, Vishwa suffers mentally and at times suffers physically.

At the end Anantha reveals to Vishwa why she acted this way and begs his pardon. But by this time Vishwa has developed a close relationship with Anantha and the child. In view of the prolonged pressure and the harassment on Anantha by Hemantha, Vishwa and Anantha decide to leave for Canada with the child. At the last moment Hemantha gets to know of this. He comes and tries to take the child by force. In trying to protect the child being taken away Anantha deals Hemantha a fatal blow resulting in Anantha becoming disabled.

Vishwa, who always had love but no lust, embraces the disabled Anantha and the child with love. The three of them look at the endless sea with a hope of expectation.

Technical crew includes Chandana Dhannapriya as cameraman, Suneth Nandalal as art director Sameera Kindelpitiya as make-up artiste, Saman Samarawickrema as the editor and Janaka Fonseka as the music director.

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