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Sunday, Octomber 15, 2006
Vol. 41 - No 20
TV Times

‘Insight’ : The inside story

By Sanath Weerasuriya

On the Southern coast of Sri Lanka, just beyond Koggala, a resort formerly known as Hotel Club Lanka, has been renovated refurbished and launched with a new look, new identity and an intriguing new name- ’Insight’.

While the property itself and amenities are of good quality, the beautiful beach one of its main attractions and the serenity and peace of the surroundings provide perfect tranquility to soothe a restless mind and body. Hotel ‘Insight’ offers far more than one can see at its first glance.

The challenging times the community had faced especially in the recent past, changed people's perception of life and their attitudes, making them aware that nothing can be taken for granted, simply because nothing in life is certain. But it has also brought out deep seated values and strength of character ingrained in the Sri Lankan people. The will to live, the will to rebuild and be better than we were before has emerged in every sector, and this is so where "Insight" too is concerned.

The concept of Insight is simple but the application is intricate as the hotel facilitates the interaction of our guests with the local community of Ahangama through well thought of and structured set of activities.

Such activities include a cycle trail that takes clients through the local village whose main means of living is farming and wood craft. Taking breaks at selected areas to observe more closely at this fascinating way of life and also taking in the scenic marvels Mother Nature has blessed the southern coast with.

Taking a slower pace of a nature walk through the rice fields and climbing up through the low grown Tea plantations rich with bird life. Along the footpath you come across a workshop that brings to life the wood carving skills that Sri Lanka is so famous for. The youth of the locality is also been involved in encouraging interaction through the medium of sports.

As a part of the hotel's Responsible Tourism initiative they expect to run a series of anti drug abuse campaigns. In addition, the clients will also have an opportunity to interact with the villagers through different sports activities such as cricket matches and volleyball matches, which the hotel will organize on behalf of the groups that stay in the hotel. This would ensure a good relationship between the hotel, the clients and the villagers. The clients would also have the option of getting their own horoscope written if one could provide the date and time of birth. Other activities on the menu include Snorkelling, Diving, Surfing and excursions to wildlife sanctuaries, rainforests and cultural sites of interest.

Whiles appreciating the tranquil beauty of Ahangama and the unspoilt lifestyle and attitudes of the village community, the new concept of the property gives guests and "Insight" in to the community's unique lifestyle. We have developed opportunities for guests to mingle with the local community, learn how they look after their farms and fields, their expertise in the culinary field, how village life is conducted, all the while providing them with an "Insight" in to the culture of the people of the "Deep South".

The resort is equipped with every amenity to pamper and relax. It is also a place for the weary soul and tired body to unwind, and when you return to your busy life back home, you would discover that not only are you rested, but your mind too has opened and cleared, filled with a lightness that an "Insight" in to a different way of life can give.

Pix by Nilan Maligaspe

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