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Sunday, October 15, 2006
Vol. 41 - No 20
Front Page Funday Times

Young nature photographer

By Dhananjani Silva
Pix by Berty Mendis

Eight year old Ashvini Jayathilake was awarded a prize for being the youngest contestant with a wining/commendable entry as she obtained the second place for the Junior Wildlife Category 2006 when her tender little hands were able in capturing a delightful picture of a squirrel.

Little Ashvini does not get a chance to go to Yala as often, unlike her father, Chitral Jayatilake who is also a pioneer wildlife photographer. However, she hangs out in the garden during her leisure time and takes insects, butterflies and birds that come to her garden.

Having taken part in a competition for the first time in her life, a jubilant Ashvini thus speaks of her victory.

"I felt so happy when I got this award. Usually, my father gives his camera and tells me to take anything I like. So I take the pictures. The moment I saw this squirrel I noticed that its tail is twisted and then I thought I should take that," she said. She added that she loves to take pictures of the birds and that some day she wants to become a skilled photographer like her father.

Nick-named as the "family photographer" by her loving family members for her enthusiasm for photography, Ashvini's collection of photographs consists of lizards, parrots and butterflies, she says.

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