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Sunday, October 15, 2006
Vol. 41 - No 20
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“Leave us alone” - Animals

Don't harm our land,
With your cruel hand.
Please! Leave us alone…
What harm did we do to you?
You are the one, who made us do harm,
If, we had done harm,
leave us alone in our own land,
Don't come barging in,
With the guns of yours.
We too are made of blood and muscles,
God had created us the same as you,
We lack only one thing,
Which the god had forgotten to give us,
You be in your own
Leave us on our own.

Shafna Sadeek
(14 years)
Hillwood College,


How you should protect your environment

Keeping our environment neat and tidy is a very important thing. You should learn to protect the environment because I am sure none of you would like to live in a dirty, polluted environment and so do the animals that live within it.

Many people pollute the areas by dumping litter on roads, rivers and streams instead of putting them in a bin. Some people smoke. Smoking pollutes the air, makes you ill and it also gives a bad example to children. Vehicles send out harmful gases, which cause air pollution. Noise pollution is also another big problem. Some people shout, slam doors and play loud music, which does not allow the people living in that area to rest, relax or work. They make life unpleasant for people living in that area.

To avoid pollution of waste material we can recycle or re-use them, then we shall also be able to save energy. We can re-use jars, milk bottles and other glass containers. Plastic bottles are easy to recycle and so are newspapers.

You could avoid air pollution by using small cars, walk or bike on short distances and use trains and buses on long distances because they use less energy for each person than the smallest car.

Many countries have laws against dirtying the environment. Although our little country too has laws against dirtying the environment, our people take no notice of them but we as children must try to educate them by putting up posters and showing TV advertisements to stop this terrible disaster happening. We must help our little island. The ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean.’

Raveena Weerabahu (9 years)
Gateway College


The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the Wonders of the World. It is the biggest wall in the world. Many people and tourists visit this place.

It was built by the Emperor Shih Huang Ti, to keep out enemies. It took ten years to build this wall. The length is 2400km and the height of the wall is ten metres.

There are many awful stories about this wall. It is said that this wall was built on top of dead bodies.

This is the only building structure on Earth that could be visible from the moon.

Shammarah Ismath (9 years)
Minaret High School


World Children's Day

Sun rises Brightly.
Flowers are blooming in the meadow
What a lovely Bright morning.

Flowers are like
Parents are like the sun,
Without parents how can children get the strength.

Do not hit us…!
Do not scold us…!

We like love and kindness,
We depend on your love and affection
Go back to your childhood
And think about it...

Your love and affection
Is the strength for our future

Please think about that on this
Children's Day.

Ishenka Fernando
(10 years)
Sujatha Vidyalaya

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