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25th March  2001
By Alia
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Probes and probes

CID detectives have been called in to probe the activities of a high ranking Army officer whose conduct was reportedly unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman. Allegations against him are said to range from harassment of a married lady to serious charges of sexual misconduct.

Detectives have already questioned the Officer-in-Charge of a suburban Police Station who reportedly inquired into the complaint and brought about a settlement between the lady in question and the officer.

The officer in turn is stoutly refuting the allegations and charges that the complaints against him were the handiwork of his enemies. He had phoned his colleagues to deny allegations and plead his innocence even while he was on a pilgrimage to Kataragama. He has said he met with an accident and the events that followed were being misconstrued The outcome of the CID probe is now being awaited.

That is not the only task for CID detectives in the past week. Their teams have had many other probes in the Army.

Other such instances included a case where officers who were assigned to go on overseas courses were unable to do so. But those in question had reportedly pocketed the monies paid as air fare for the journeys. They had not returned the money to Army Headquarters. Another was the questioning of a former intelligence boss who wrote a letter to a one time informant now living in Canada asking for gifts for members of his family. The boss making the request was over an issue which had cropped up at least five years ago.

Detectives say the matter had been then probed. The man in question had been warned then. So he has been cleared this time.

No sugar baby

A PA politico now wielding a strong clout not only in the political spectrum but also in the financial sphere has caused concerns at the highest levels with his recent remarks. He spoke to the lady leader of a high powered visiting delegation about his political career and future ambitions. He made no secret of the fact that he wanted to get to the top. And when that happened, he will brook no nonsense. Everything would be done the way he wished no matter whether the law allowed it or not. Must one say how shocked the lady and the delegation were. No wonder, the reported remarks have reached the highest level. As one loyalist of the leadership remarked, "they pretend to be sugar babies but their intentions are now clear."

The last laugh

Alia and his col leagues are being inundated with letters praising the worldly virtues of the man with a vision, perhaps the only one who has the panacea to end this protracted 18 year long separatist war. They not only praise his words of wisdom but also pray he should be brought back and given another opportunity. Not to ask for more, but to do more for the country it seems.

But what has given the show away are the names and addresses of many of the writers. That is a case for Sherlock Holmes, for the names and places do not exist. Those in the know are having a hearty laugh.

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