11th March 2001
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Rover Pinpoints?

Where is the media freedom
A column written by a senior journalist trusted for his honesty has been stopped from writing. Rover learns that this has been done on the instructions from a senior official of the Cricket Board who had canvassed the support of an influential VIP through another similar personality. Earlier too, a columnist was stopped writing in a like manner. What a shame indeed.
Fishing in troubled waters
The talk of the town is the way things are going out of hand, in a students issue. An official is said to be helping in putting up posters to create more trouble instead of trying to make peace, since he has fallen out with them. Your guess is as good as mine.
All paid servants
Knowledgeable sources say influence is being used to have commentators of somebody?s choice on the panel for the current series between Sri Lanka and England. But the issue here is one who is famous for the terms Loverly stroke, shot, hit, nicely put away but others say he is not a trained commentator while the others shower unwanted praise on a senior Board official like that of a demi god.
Who?s favouring whom
The talk among those in the Cricket umpires is that the godfather is looking after his godson, in assignments. What a godly manner indeed.
Not a cent given
A second Lady Chaperone sent on a tour to Pakistan on the invitation of the Sports Ministry to settle a protest made by a parent of a player, had to pocket out her own expenses for this trip without any assistance from the Ministry.
Athletic Coach going places
A certain athletic coach has been elected as President of the Coaches Association despite objections from the Ministry of Sports. This coach happens to be the head of the selection panel too. Over to you Mr. Minister of Sports. Furthermore the AAA headed by the bigmouth has advanced a tidy sum to the coaches, from whose money.
Know all
A female cricket official is heard and seen dancing to her tune, while talking bitterly out of turn against another official. Officials from her body have already resigned and Rover learns that many are to follow soon, with herself clinging onto the sinking ship which is likely to without a leader. This ?know all? was told to shut up and get out by a higher up of the men?s sports body.
To hell with the schedule
The Novices swimming and diving championships in progress at the Ananda College pool, saw the officials take the poor kids to task, by delaying the start of the meet on Tuesday till 2. p.m. and concluded the meet at 11.30 p.m. What a time the kids had to undergo and the parents were wondering wherher it?s worth allowing their kids to be kept in the swim. Come, come wake up.
Junior Nationals 2000
Whom is the Sri Lanka Basketball Federation trying to fool by giving publicity that there were nearly 16 association teams in the boys and 10 association teams in the girls at the recently concluded junior nationals held in Kandy? Rover is informed by the SLBF officials present at the venue that there were only 8 boys and 5 girls from the same associations played in the tournament. Over to you President SLBF?
Vote gimmick for next AGM
Rover is informed by reliable sources in cager circles that it has been the practice in the past years that even associations who have not played in the Nationals and who have no Basketball Court in the district have been allowed to vote at the AGM. Even associations who have not had the AGM and audited statement of accounts have been allowed to vote at the AGM. This is a clear violation of the Sports Law and the SLBF Constitution. Over to you President SLBF?
Will the Minister intervene
Giving publicity to mislead the Ministry of Sports and all Basketball lovers about the eligibility of the associations to attend the AGM clearly shows the wrong doing by the officials of the SLBF. As per rule 19 of the SLBF Constitution the Secretary must send the Audited Statement of Accounts and the Annual Report after obtaining the approval of the Exco at least one month before the AGM. But it has not been done upto date. Why? Without this they have called for nominations before 14th March with Exco for ratification on 16th March. Why no accounts? Will the Minister of Sports take stern action against SLBF for permitting illegal associations and those who do not comply with the basic requirement of the Constitution to attend the AGM?
At long last
The parapet wall which collapsed about eight months ago near the Cricket Board headquarters of the SSC grounds is being repaired before the third Test?
Barred from all sports 
Trinity College suspended the cricket team for the first term matches, now comes the news that the cricketers involved in other sports including the inter-house sports meet were debarred from participating. All this happened due to instigation of a parent on his son who misbehaved. It is learned that the cricket coach has been removed. Both the parents and cricketers have appealed to the Principal to pardon and restore them the right of participating in the other sports.

66th Battle of the Saints

Joes/Petes to implement new rules 

By M.Shamil Amit

St. Peter's The sixty seventh ?Battle of the Saints? between St Joseph?s and St. Peter?s will be played on the16th and 17th of March at the P.Sara Stadium. This year the two schools coaches and the organising committee will implement the new rule in which both teams will bat only 60 overs in the first innings and the second innings will be played in the normal pattern. Originally this was to be implemented last year, but due to a bomb blast the match had to be stopped early. Both the teams will be without their star players worst affected being the Peterites who will be missing three key players who are on national duty. They are skipper Mahesh Perera and Ishan Ratnayake who will be touring with the Under 19 team to Australia and Kaushalya Lokuarachchi who is with the senior team, while the Josephians will be losing their skipper Dhanuka Pathirana who is also in the Under 19 squad.

St. Joseph's At the press conference which was held on March 7 when The Sunday Times inquired from the Josephian coach Upali Ahangama who will be the captain he said that most probably Anuk de S. Wijeratne would lead the side while the Peterite?s coach Roger Wijesuriya said they have no decision on it.

The Josephians are unbeaten this season having played eleven matches and all ending in no decision. While the Peterites have been the most successful team this season, also unbeaten but have three wins under their belt and are the stronger of the two. For the Josephians Anuk de S. Wijeratne who is expected to lead has not been consistent with the bat but is a fine leg spinner who could be a problem to his opponents, they have the best opening pair in schools today in Dilshan Perumal and Desmond Morrel. Dilshan is the most aggressive of the two having scored more than 600 runs this season. These two have given good start in the inter-school matches and much is expected from them. To bolster the score in the middle order they have Suren Perera who had scored more than 750 runs this season with a top score of 125 against S. Thomas with Sandesh Jayakody, Dilshan Senanayake, Chandana Arvinda and Ranesh Perera to swell the score. The bowling will be spearheaded by Shanaka Soysa with Anuk de S. Wijeratne, Dilahan Perumal and Thivanka de S. Wijeratne to deliver the goods. 

The Peterites have Jehan Jaysuriya and Denver Faux to spearhead their batting, Jehan, a player with experience has scored over 650 runs this season and he will be the batsman the Josephians will have to watch. Arjuna Garumanna is another batsman in form sure to be a problem for the Josephians to support the batting line up their is Ruchira Perera, Malin Silva and Shenal Fernado and in the bowling St. Peters have Malin Silva who will be a headache to the Josephians batting line up with the Gallage brothers, Anuruddha and Samiddha and Nadhula Wijeratne there to support Malin. If the Gallage brothers play the big match it will be after more than twenty years two brothers will be representing the school.

The Josephians lead the series with eleven wins and the Peterites have seven with the rest drawn.

Rajan-Kingswood big-un on 16th-17th at Asgiriya

Aubrey Kuruppu
The 95th Big Match between Dharmaraja and Kingswood will be played on the 16th and 17th at the Asgiriya Stadium. Greater attention will be focused an this game as its traditional precursor - the Trinity-Anthonian - is not being played this time round. 

For the statistically-minded, the Rajans lead the series with 31 wins as against 19 by the lads from Randles Hill. 54 games have been drawn. Kingswood have to look back over four decades for their last glorious triumph. Dharmaraja?s wait has only been half as long.

The difference between the teams is not quite as wide as that between chalk and cheese. Kingswood had a few close calls, notably against St. Anthony?s and Sri Sumangala Panadura. At that time, the team was not producing runs aplenty. This weakness has since been overcome. 

The Rajans have a few stars that twinkle, especially with the bat, but their opponents convey the impression that they are a better fighting unit.

Anuradha Jayasundera, who hails from sporting stock, leads the Rajans. A fourth year player, Jayasundera opens the attack with his left arm fast medium deliveries. He has had a few five wicket hauls and is closing in on the 50 wicket mark.

Haresh Ratnayake, the Under-17 national player, opens the batting in tandem with Muditha. 

Nirmal Wickremaratne, a promising allrounder, needs watching. He bowls accurate medium pace and has a wide repertoire of attacking strokes.

Amal Silva, Vindika Liyanage, Chintaka Weerasinghe and Mahes Weerasuriya are the others who can swell the score. The skipper Wickremaratne and Thoradeniya form a three-pronged pace attack. Manjula Herath, a second year player whose progress has been stalled by injury, is the left arm spinner. Chamara Seneviratne, an allrounder, leads Kingswood. .

Dharmaraja: From Anuradha Jayasundera (Capt), Haresh Ratnaike, Muditha Wijekoon, Nirmal Wickremaratne, Amal Silva, Vindika Liyanage, Chintaka Weerasinghe, Manjula Herath, Mahes Weerasuriya, Chaturanga Thoradeniya, Kosala Jayasundera, Jayampathi Chandraratne, Maduka Rajapakse, Irantha Weerasinghe. 

Kingswood: From Chamara Seneviratne (Capt), Rizan Mowzoon, Milinda Wattegedera, Buddhika Ekanayake, Buddhika Katudeniya, Udayantha Silva, Hiran Dissanaike, Rajith Ariyadasa, Rachitra Liyanage, Hirantha Pallegedera, Iruka Weeraratne, Gihan Gunatilleka, Kasun Dissanayake.

Cambrians and Sebastians evenly poised

By S.M.D Sirisena
The Big Match between Prince of Wales and St. Sebastian?s 51st Battle will be played on March 16 and 17 at De Zoysa Stadium Moratuwa.

A keen game is expected as both teams are evenly balanced. Cambrians lead the series with six wins while St. Sebastian?s are behind with two wins.

Three players from Prince of Wales, Kavinda Silva, Shan Peremppili, and Shan Wijeratna toured Bangaldesh with the Under-17 youth team for the Asian Cup. Shan Wijeratna captained the Sri Lanka Youth team. 

Cambrians will be celebrating their 125 years.

Prince of Wales beat D.S. Senanayaka College and Mahinda this season while St. Sebastian?s beat Trinity and D.S. Senanayake. 

Prince of Wales led by right arm medium pace Manjula Bandara who has taken 31 wickets. Bandara will open the attack with Kavinda Silva. Rasan Pieris, vice captain and wicket keeper of the side will miss the big match, as he will be playing for the Sri Lanka Under-19 team now in Australia.

Shan Wijeratna has scored over 500 runs with four half centuries, Shanaka Premppili reserve wicket keeper will open the batting with Shan Galappaththi. Both batsmen have exceeded 500 runs. All-rounder Buddhika Dananjaya Fernando is the most prolific of the side. He has taken 68 wickets and passed over 400 runs and is the most successful bowler of the side. He had a match haul of 10 wickets against Isipatana and a match bag of 10 wickets against Mahinda.

St. Sebastian College led by fifth year coloursman Premas Perera scored over 600 runs including five half centuries. Deputy skipper Suranga de Silva also passed 800 runs, knocked 135 runs against De Mazenod. Last year skipper Malshan Fernando scored an unbeaten century against Wesley. Aggressive Sumalka Perera will open batting with spinner Lasith Fernando. Sumalaka has scored over 650 runs with five half centuries.

St. Sebastian?s have a good bowling attack and Manjula Silva will open the attack.

The other bowlers on whom the Sebastian?s will depend are spinner Dilip Fernando and paceman Sumanjan Fernando.

Cambrian coach Bandula de Silva said that they will play positive cricket with a result in view. 

St. Sebestian?s coach Milroy Paul said that they bave a better side and they will also play for a result.

Prince of Wales: From Manjula Bandara (Captain), Rashan Pieris (Vice Captain), Shan Wijeratna, Suranjana Rajitha, Buddhika Dananjaya Fernando, Amila Athukorala, Kavinda Silva, Shanaka Peremppili, Sahan Galappaththi, Chula Rodrigo, Shanaka Cooray, Nisal Malintha, Randika Fernando, 

St Sebastian?s: From Premas Perera (Captain), Suranga de Silva, Malshan Fernando, Dilip Fernando, Lasith Fernando, Sumalka Perera, Sumanjan Fernando, Yohan Gunawardana, Manjula Silva, Madushan Fernando, Buddhika Amarasingha, Malinda Fernando, Vernan Mendis, Hithendra Fernando, Shevindra Fernando.

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