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5th November 2000
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A 'Nelun' boost

Personal Image Development is the total and whole development of one's personality while social graces include equipping one to face one's social life with confidence and ease
By Laila Nasry 
She tells me she is a brick at reading people at a glance. "By their walk, their talk, the way they hold themselves, their smile, the way they sit, all indicate what kind of person they are and what they lack." Sitting opposite her my mind is racing. Good God, I just walked into her house with a smile on my face, I spoke to her introducing myself and right now I'm sitting opposite her. What kind of person does that make me? What does she think of me? In the next breath she tells me "don't worry I'm not gauging you". Boy wasn't I relieved...but hey she still managed to read me! 

No, Nelun Herat's ability to assess people's personalities is not a gift but stems from her dedication and commitment to helping people develop super personalities of their own. Personal Image Development and Social Graces is her forte and she conducts classes daily for all those out there aspiring to be the best they can be. 

Nelun was a banker by profession until she had a baby and needed to spend more time at home. Having always been interested in personality development and social graces venturing into this avenue was only natural. Social graces was very much part of her upbringing having been strongly inculcated with proper manners and etiquette from a very young age by her parents. "It was my mother who encouraged me. She told me to do something for others so I started this programme of Personal Image Development and Social Graces."

Personal Image Development is the total and whole development of one's personality while social graces include equipping one to face one's social life with confidence and ease either as host or guest. The programme consists of the above two modules and is three and a half months in duration to develop that well rounded personality. "I go through daily life meeting numerous people who feel sorry for themselves, who have poor self-confidence etc. It's a pity because everyone has what it takes to be charming sophisticated and confident." 

The demand for programmes such as these are great. Having initially advertised in the Sinhala media the response was great. Currently she has three categories of classes; a male only, a female only and a mixed group. "The majority of students in my classes are professionals. I have lawyers, chartered secretaries, accountants etc. They've realised that there's more to life than money and certificates." However she says most professionals are limited only to their field of work and are clueless about what's happening around them. This is something she helps them overcome. 

She also has around 12 school kids. Nelun firmly believes that it is best to start young. "Even a 10 or 12- year-old could follow this programme. But most parents think 'no my child doesn't need these classes'. But the problem is they are never encouraged to achieve that little bit extra." 

Apart from acquiring self confidence, positive body language, deportment, posture the general programme also includes improving memory power, mental alertness, and the art of public speaking. 

There are also crash courses on offer for those who are nervous and daunted about having to attend an important function, an interview, for those travelling abroad for a special purpose or hosting an all important guest to dinner. 

Each student who follows the course is individually evaluated by way of a questionnaire. This is in order to keep the information private and give the student a better understanding as to what areas need to be worked on. "Nobody will help you. You have to help yourself," says Nelun who's there to help those helping themselves. 

"Some students come to me and tell me what they lack whereas others prefer to help themselves on their own." 

Nelun sets her class with constant exercise which enables them to gauge their progress.

The feedback is what keeps Nelun going. "I see a change in them. Sometimes it's instant. From their gait, their talk I see that they have benefitted from the programme." Sometimes students come and relate to her what a success their evening out was and how they managed to steal the show. That's something that puts a smile on her face and makes her day. "I just enjoy what I do and sometimes when a programme comes to an end, I feel sad to see them go because I've grown so fond of them." 

So if you want to walk into a room full of strangers and turn heads, stand up at your next board meeting and get people to actually listen to your presentation or be complimented on hosting the best of parties, well then your personality needs a 'Nelun boost'


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