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5th March 2000

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How's their dress sense?

White socks? Oh, no!

By Ruhanie Perera and Laila Nasry

How many times have you thought 'I wish she wouldn't wear that' or 'he shouldn't have worn those socks'. Most of the time we wish they could hear us. The 'Sunday Times' gave some of its readers the chance to voice their opinion on how the opposite sex dressed. This is what they had to say...

Dave Fernando (24):

I don't see much of a problem in what the girls are wearing these days. I'm not very much into girls wearing revealing stuff. Sometimes it's unpleasant and unbearable to see girls with big legs in short stuff. Girls must take into consideration their figure and dress accordingly. Short stuff is fine but I like it knee length. Dark complexioned individuals should not wear bright colours. Pants are fine and I like them tight. Saree is becoming too but should not make the girl look motherly. Girls exposing their navels are alright so long as I'm not the only guy in the company of around five girls who are similarly dressed. Latest trends in women's fashions are OK. Guys should not lay down rules on how a girl should dress. But she should remember to dress according to her purse!

Christopher Sebastian (25):

I'm not at all happy with the way most of the girls dress. Geez, you walk on the street and out of around 25 girls around 18 to 20 are dressed alike. Same shoes, same outfits in different colours. Some girls on the other hand really do know how to dress. They are real cool. I think girls should have the freedom and guys should not interfere with what they are wearing. But girls should choose what will suit them best. Oh, those platform shoes, around 100 women wear the same thing and they walk weird with it. Latest trends like navel baring, tattoos etc are fine. Guys measure girls by what they wear. The more sexy the girls are, the more the guys eyeball them. Guys don't look too much at conservatively dressed girls.

Sanjeev (23):

All they do is follow trends. Like for example, the time elephant pants were 'in' every woman looked like an elephant! There is absolutely no individuality. What they lack is the personal touch. There is some pretty nice stuff around. I kinda like the three quarter length pants, but not when large women wear it. Basically you need to know what suits you and stick to that. What you wear depends a lot on the time and place as well. Like if you were at a nightclub, you would wear something sultry. I personally like shorts for casual wear. I think a person's dress sense is very important, because if you don't dress appropriately it can work against you. And you would look pretty ridiculous.

Mohan Ratnayake:

In recent times, women have improved their taste in dress . I think that has a lot to do with western influence and a more open-minded society. Those days a woman couldn't wear what she wanted without getting tied down with the 'what will people think' syndrome. Now I think girls can go out wearing mini skirts and strappy tops without thinking too much about it. And it's a welcome change for us guys as well and I don't mean that in a bad sense. Otherwise we go abroad and then think 'what happened to our girls', but in reality our girls are a lot better looking than the girls abroad. What you wear depends on what you look like. A person needs to identify what suits you and wear that. If a girl's got good legs I think she should be proud of them and show them off. A person gives out a message when they are dressed well, that's why it's important to have a good dress sense.

Sandra de Silva (name changed):

Having a good dress sense is very important. What you look like is the first impression you give a person. Therefore, you need to make a good impression by wearing the right clothes. You don't have to look good as long as you wear clothes that suit you. Guys should definitely not wear those trousers that are thin at the waist and then flare out. I want to puke when I see them. More importantly they should wear socks that match their clothes - not white socks like Michael Jackson. Ties should be worn depending on the occasion. But guys shouldn't wear the "mickey mouse" ties. I suppose it's got a lot to do with age. I mean when guys are young they watch these programmes like Beverly Hills and try to dress like those guys, not realising that some things just don't suit them. Especially some of the hair do's. As they get older and wiser, they get better.

Shimali Senanayake (24):

The majority of guys do not have good dress sense. Guys think it's hip to imitate western fashion but they look disastrous. They should not be slaves to fashion, but wear something that would suit them and make them look smart. Clothes should blend with one's personality, skin colour etc. Clothes communicate a lot so it is important to carry yourself very well. Guys in casuals like jeans and smart T-shirts are fine with me. But I stress on good shoes. Rubber slippers are a no no, unless on the beach. Guys hardly pay any attention to their shoes and belts which should match, and also socks. They presume it cannot be seen but when guys tend to sit down you can spot them. I'm so disappointed when I see white socks. Mind you I've also seen red ones! ugh. Short sleeved cotton shirts, and pants and socks to match of course and for evening wear I like guys with Chinese collared shirts.

Nadine de Silva (27) (Name changed):

Dress sense depends on a person's complexion, personality, the time of day and the kind of job he does. There is no defined dress code for any person, but one should strive to be neat and presentable. But today, the dress sense of the majority of guys is hopeless to say the least. Some of the colour combinations don't match. It's hideous. Clothes are supposed to enhance the wearer but here they are at war with the wearer- a total reverse. Clothes indicate a certain aspect of your personality and taste. It's a mode of presenting yourself. Basically it's your eye. You don't have to do much to look good.

Rishani Fernando 26 (name changed):

I don't think the guys here dress too badly. But a lot depends on their age though. The older they get they start to dress better. It's these young guys who wear NIKE t-shirts, baseball caps the other way around and totally inappropriate sunglasses who need a lesson on 'how to dress better.' I like guys who dress smartly in sober colours. Crisp white shirts with black pants are my favourite look. I don't think much of ties and socks with flashy colours, funny designs and cartoon characters. White socks with black shoes are something all our guys wear and that make them look like schoolboys. I think dressing well is pretty important. A guy who dresses well would stand a better chance of going out with me, simply, because he would make a good impression on me.


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