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9th January 2000

By Alia

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Continental cuisine

There were elaborate plans made for the Thai Army's Commander-in-chief, General Surayud Chulanout, when he rrived in Colombo this week. However, he called off his visit.

During a trip planned to the salubrious hills, a hotel was told to prepare both Thai and Sri Lankan cuisine for the visiting General.

A local top runger was not happy. He wanted staff making arrangements to ensure it included continental cuisine. He said he liked it most.

Busy elsewhere playing squash

Officers were busy in the Operations Room of a military installation in the north when one of the internal phones rang.

The caller complained that a three star man sent to the area for back up support was busy elsewhere.

From the time of sunrise he had been playing squash. In fact he had carried all the squash gear from Colombo when he flew into the area.

They are still trying to ascertain who the anonymous caller is.

Some suspect the call came from the billet next to the squash court.

That fishy boat deal

Last week's exposure about a fishy boat deal in the Situation Report of The Sunday Times has ruffled quite a few feathers.

Whilst some were explaining the virtues and the great values of the deal, it has drawn the attention of the highest levels of the Government. They are making a close review to ascertain how the deal, which is not government to government, came about.

An Opposition parliamentarian raised the issue this week when Parliament was debating the extension of the State of Emergency. A few of the powerful and influential were furious The Sunday Times published the account whilst a censorship was in force. They were unaware that procurements are not covered by the censorship.

Talk of transparency in procurements ? Not for deals that run into billions it seems !!!!

Another move for New Millennium

Western intelligence sources are agog with reports of Tiger guerrillas attempting to expand the range of their clandestine Voice of Tigers.

At present the broadcast is heard in the Jaffna peninsula and the Wanni.

These sources say the LTTE now wants the broadcast to reach out to areas outside the battle areas.

Another move for the New Millennium?

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