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16th May 1999

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Pigeon islands incident

If proof was required that tourism was a live industry in the Trincomalee district, despite the ongoing separatist war, it came in the form of a large number of foreigners and locals enjoying themselves last Sunday.

But what happened at Pigeon islands shook tourists and diplomats so much some swore never to return to the area.

It all began when tourists and locals were strolling on the island. A few were snorkeling nearby.

A Navy craft appeared on the scene and began firing in the direction of the island. Some hit the ground and others ran for cover.

A group of Army personnel who were among those enjoying a Sunday break promptly radioed their base and reported the matter. The Eastern Command was contacted and the firing stopped. What prompted the salvos is not clear but it shook those enjoying the peace.

And now teller machines

Is the LTTE widening its economic targets selected clinically to avoid civilian casualties ?

Police believe it is not only power transformers and telephone exchanges they are continuing to blast regularly in a subtle campaign to take on 'economic targets' of importance to the public.

They suspect Tiger guerrillas have now added teller machines of banks.

Last month, the teller machine in the branch of a private bank south of Colombo, blew up. Suspicions originally centered on lightning since the incident occurred under very heavy rains.

After investigations, the Government Analyst has ruled that an improvised explosive device (IED) caused the explosion. He has said that at least 140 grammes of explosives had been used.

IED in curd

Police Special Task Force commandos went into high alert after Tiger guerrillas destroyed three distribution points of Sri Lanka telecom thus knocking off telephone lines of a large number of residents in Akkaraipattu.

They conducted sporadic checks and arrested two Tiger guerrillas. They were transporting an improvised explosive device to attack another undisclosed target. The IED was concealed inside a pot of curd.

Now His Excellency

LTTE leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, appears to have been conferred a new title. LTTE's 'official' documents now refer to him as His Excellency

Rain of stones

How did stones rain on the chalet of a senior officer in a battle area?

Is it after he slapped his men who were 'awol' (away without leave) from the camp for a few hours and returned in good spirits ? The talk has now reached headquarters and covert inquiries are being made by the bosses.

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