By Jayantha Gunasekera Former British Prime Minister David Cameron must be mindful of the adage “When you live by the sword, you die by the sword”. By Cameron hobnobbing with one kind of terrorists, he has exposed his citizens to terrorist attacks by another kind of terrorists. You reap what you sow and when you [...]

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Cameron’s terrorists: Reaping what is sown


By Jayantha Gunasekera
Former British Prime Minister David Cameron must be mindful of the adage “When you live by the sword, you die by the sword”. By Cameron hobnobbing with one kind of terrorists, he has exposed his citizens to terrorist attacks by another kind of terrorists. You reap what you sow and when you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind.

Cameron visiting Sri Lanka's North: Pleasing the pro-LTTE diaspora

Cameron has a bloated ego. Like most politicians he thinks he is the cat’s whiskers. He has now had to climb down and give up No. 10, Downing Street. He foolishly had a referendum, “whether to leave or not to leave the European Union”. The UK voters did not take him seriously and opted to leave the EU. Now there is a chain reaction which may see the disintegration of the United Kingdom. Soon, we may see a disunited kingdom. At a stroke Britain was plunged into a political, economic and constitutional catastrophe. After six years in office, Cameron leaves a country mired in its deepest crisis since World War II.
Just as much as Blair played poodle to George Bush in the invasion of Iraq, Cameron played poodle to the United States in the resolution against Sri Lanka in Geneva.

Lord Naseby recently accused the UK and the US of double standards in asking foreign judges to investigate war crime abuses by Sri Lanka whereas Britain’s role in the Iraq war was investigated by British judges and Privy Councilors with no foreign involvement. (Sunday Times of July 17, 2016)

As prime minister, Cameron adopted a “holier than thou” attitude in the belief that the rest of the world was unaware of war crimes committed by Britain. Britain joined hands with the US to commit these crimes. Britain was unashamedly playing poodle to the US as if Britain was Washington’s satellite. This was similar to Cameron taking orders from the LTTE Diaspora.

It is reported that Cameron descended to the level of meeting members of the Global Tamil Forum, the spokespersons of the pro-LTTE Diaspora. They may be in suits and cassocks, but they gave every support for the LTTE to commit mass murder. Cameron had the temerity to meet these one time members of the LTTE in his official residence, 10, Downing Street.
These criminals are wanted in Sri Lanka for mass murders. Not only is Britain shielding these criminals who are fugitives from justice, but also shamelessly dancing to their tune.

Cameron attempted to wreck the Commonwealth by promoting his personal agenda. At a time when Britain had problems with the European Community, he should have been diplomatic with his partners in the Commonwealth without antagonising them.
It is a matter of regret that of all the heads of state who attended CHOGM it should be the Queen’s PM who should act in such a boorish manner, particularly when Prince Charles, the heir to the throne was present in Sri Lanka. Every discerning person knew that Cameron put on an act for securing LTTE Diaspora votes, to further his political career. How pathetic for a so called toff!
Cameron cut a sorry figure when he walked in with not a smile on his face, to impress the LTTE Diaspora, who were watching his every move on TV. At a news conference in Colombo he answered questions put to him by his own selected reporters, including Channel 4. He called them by name, which exposed his game. They were obviously all pre arranged questions.

When our own journalists fired questions, Cameron slunk away, unable of course to reply to searching questions. Our journalists would have made mince meat out of Cameron if he did not slink away. As he was running away, one Sri Lankan journalist shouted out, “Cameron you hypocrite!” Cameron had to face these indignities, because of his extraordinary love for the criminal outfit, the LTTE Diaspora. He brought the office of Britain’s Prime Minister to ridicule. This is what happens when people in high office have a secret agenda.

His obligations to the minuscule LTTE Diaspora were so intense, that he was prepared to risk the hatred of 21 million Sri Lankans. Prince Charles would have been thoroughly ashamed of the conduct of his country’s Prime Minister. Cameron would draw enough flak from his countrymen when it dawns on them that he is siding a criminal outfit, not for the benefit of Britain, but in his personal interest Cameron should consult and emulate the British Member of the European Parliament Dr Charles Tannoch, a highly intelligent and incorruptible politician. The LTTE Diaspora could not influence him. He castigated his fellow MEPs thus, “Sri Lanka has finally achieved peace by defeating a ruthless terrorist organisation, the LTTE which had refused all peace bids made by the Government of Sri Lanka. The word genocide is being mentioned even without knowledge of its meaning”. He asked, “how can anyone accuse Sri Lanka of genocide and crimes against humanity, when the same Army rescued more than 300,000 Tamil civilians from the LTTE, by putting their own lives in harm’s way, and helped to resettle them?”

Dr. Tannoch is one of the few politicians who could not be bribed by the pro-LTTE Diaspora.
Another honorable member of the EU Parliament Geoffrey Van Orden made insinuations that some of the members would have been influenced, and hence, their stance. He remarked, “We regret that we are having this debate today. I suspect that it has been prompted by extreme elements in the Tamil Diaspora, the same people who have helped to sustain the LTTE terrorist campaign over many years through political activities and funding, often from proceeds of crime. Instead of trying to bring together the peoples of Sri Lanka, there are those that continue a campaign of hatred and division. …I call on the European governments to be more active and vigilant in dealing with extremists in our midst”.

As regards blatant violations of human rights by Britain, it’s parliament endorsed the invasion of Iraq, perhaps knowing fully well that Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction. Their crimes in Iraq were similar to the Holocaust committed by Hitler on European Jews.. What Britain committed against Iraq was genocide. These politicians took the British people for a right royal ride, spending millions of the British taxpayers’ money, and killing hundreds of British soldiers in an unwanted and unnecessary war. Cameron is just as culpable as Blair’s Labour government, for the murders of innocent Iraqis and reducing Iraq to shambles.
Britain and the US invaded a peaceful country. Together, they also ruined Libya, Syria and a host of other Arab countries.
Every day is not Christmas, Cameron; the wheel is gradually turning.

What Sri Lanka did was to crush a set of thugs and criminals, who were up to every despicable deed, going about destroying our country and killing our people, Sinhala, Muslims and Tamils, without any compunction. Prabhakaran was an animal in human form. He killed thousands of Tamil people who disagreed with his mad policies and ideas. He had the charismatic Indian leader Rajiv Gandhi, blown to smithereens, by a female suicide LTTE cadre.

We ask Cameron whether saving the lives and property of the Sri Lankans, is a war crime? If you are such a truthful and straight fellow, you should turn your country and the US in for scrutiny, for all the war crimes and genocide you both have indulged in, in the recent past.

As for Britain’s human rights violations record, the UN Committee Against Torture recommends more than 40 measures, which it says will need to be adopted if Britain is to be given a clean bill of health. This Committee has focused on the failure to hold to account those responsible for human rights abuses in the so called War on Terror, and for the mistreatment of prisoners in Iraq.
An article by James Cusick under the headline “Britain’s Dirty War in Iraq” says, “Britain led by Cameron has blocked the release of a Report by Sir John Chilcot, where Intelligence on Iraq’s supposed weapons of mass destruction, was investigated. Even after a decade of the invasion of Iraq by the US and the UK, no weapons of mass destruction were found in that country. There was no self defence as was necessary under International Law.”

You have a lot to hide, haven’t you, Cameron?
With so much to hide, Cameron is pressing that Sri Lanka’s Military Commanders be taken before a war crimes tribunal. He must also insist that his confidants V. Rudrakumaran of the US, Surendran and Fr. Emmanuel etc of your Global Tamil Forum, and a host of others who have been catalogued as those who supplied weapons and gave material support to the LTTE, to continue mass murder during the 37 years the LTTE held sway, should also be indicted before an International war crimes tribunal.
War is between two parties or more, and though Prabhakaran is dead others who supplied weapons to him are very much alive and living in your country. You know that supplying weapons to kill, is just as much a crime as killing, itself.

You are no chicken, Cameron. You know well that this story of the Sri Lankan forces killing 40,000 Tamils in the last days of the war is absolute balderdash. This is a thing your friends in the pro-LTTE Diaspora fabricated. By constant usage, you think it can gather a veneer of truth. If 300,000 Tamils were saved by these very forces from the wrath of Prabhakaran, at the risk of their own lives, are you that dense to think that these forces killed 40,000 Tamils? Why should the SL Forces risk their lives to save 300,000 Tamil civilians, when they could have watched as Prabhakaran killed the lot, thus saving the Government ammunition as well?
Cameron, to enjoy the perks of office, has befriended the pro-LTTE Diaspora to provide him the votes. They forcibly collect money from the other members of the Tamil Diaspora. They also indulge in various nefarious activities to amass millions of dollars. Part of the money is spent giving filthy lucre to corrupt people, and the rest goes into the pockets of the bigwigs of the LTTE Diaspora, with which they have a comfortable and plush lifestyle. By your espousing their cause, they will continue to extort money from the Tamils, or else the avenues of income will dry up, and they will have to come back to Sri Lanka .

By Cameron’s conduct, he will surely open up a can of worms, when Britain will be marched to a war crimes tribunal, sooner or later. By tendering “Material Support” to this terrorist organisation, he himself will be liable for prosecution.
On what evidence does Cameron want our commanders taken before a War Crimes Tribunal? There has to be a Prima Facie case, with cogent and compelling evidence.

(a) NOT what is falsely projected by the Global Tamil Forum and the LTTE Diaspora,
(b) NOT what a few Tamils have been forced to tell Cameron in Jaffna,
(c) NOT fictitious films created by Callum MacCrae, with LTTE Diaspora help, films which were non-existent when Sr Lanka was taken before Geneva in 2009 and was exonerated for absence of credible evidence..

The only “crime” our forces committe, was saving 300,000 Tamils from Prabhakaran, who was using them as a human shield to save himself.

If 40,000 Tamils were killed,
(a) what are their names, (b) where are the bodies, (c) where are their graves and (d) where are the incinerators?
Please ask yourself Cameron, can 40,000 bodies be made to vanish into thin air, without a trace, within a few weeks? Are you trying to appoint some corrupt hermaphrodites who will be instructed to tender a report against Sri Lanka, to suit you and the US?
By your conduct, you are attempting to rub salt on the wounds of Sri Lanka to create a separate state here, to be used as a launching pad for the creation of a separate state of Tamil Nadu.

Wheels within wheels, indeed!

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