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My best friend

By Sanduni Jayathilake (6 years), Little Flower Convent, Bandarawela

My best friend is Hesanya. She lives in Bandarawela. Her parents are doctors. She has one sister. We both study in the same class. I love my friend.

The New Year

By Shadhika Silmy (12 years), Royal English School, Matale

The Sinhalese New Year is one of the most festive occasions for the Sinhalese people. It begins in the second week of April every year. It is the most joyful ceremony. New Year brings peace, happiness and prosperity to the whole country. The New Year days are interesting for children because they get new dresses and many presents from their elders during this season.

People regard New Year as a holiday. They forget their work for a day or two and enjoy themselves.
They take part in various national sports during the New Year. The season also helps people to cultivate mutual understanding among themselves.


By Samith Ailapperuma (11 years), Trinity College, Kandy

At the beginning there were only wild horses. In the early ages, horses were used as a source of food. But as time passed, they were domesticated and used in transport and war. These days they are used for sports and transport.

These days there are very few wild horses left. Now people have bred many types of horses. All these horses vary in size, speed and strength. Horses are measured in hands. The Shire is the largest horse in the world, standing 17 hands high. The best known horse for racing is the Thoroughbred.

Ponies are a kind of small horse bred by artificial breeding. There are many types of ponies too.
Grevy’s zebras are actually horses. The mule is the young of a horse and a donkey. Some horses have thick fur to protect them from the cold. Horses would roll in the dust to keep away flies and ticks.

Horses have four ways of moving. They are walking, trotting, cantering and galloping. Though horses are not well known swimmers they can swim well. The horse’s young is a foal. It is our duty to look after these animals.

The Blue Planet

By Wathmee Kahadugoda (13 years), Telijjawila Central College, Matara

The planet which has a most conducive atmosphere for the life of living beings is the planet Earth.
It has a favourable climate and also natural vegetation. The most significant feature of the Earth is the constant interaction between the biotic and non-biotic environment. There is a higher bio-diversity in the planet Earth. The most beautiful planet in the Solar System is the planet Earth.

The Earth is known as the Blue Planet because the clouds around the Earth reflect back sunlight in a more effective way. So it has a glittering blue colour. Because of this reason the planet we live in is called the Blue Planet. Actually the Earth is very conducive for living beings because it is located in the middle of the Solar System. So it is not far away and not closer to the Sun.

According to these features the Earth is most suitable and a beautiful planet to live in. To increase the beauty of this Blue Planet we all should protect the natural beauty.

The Bhangha Bandu evening

By Subodhi Weerasekara (Grade 5), Mahasen Central College, Bakamoona

We were eagerly waiting until the inauguration ceremony started. We all gathered around the television. It seems like there was a party in our house.

I like the way captains were taken to the ground. Captains of each team were taken to the stadium by the traditional Bangladesh rickshaw. After that, the ceremony was opened by the daughter of the father of the nation. There were traditional dances performed by Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh. Their costumes reflect their own culture. When I saw these things I was so happy.

Cricket Fever

By Menasha Udayakumara (14 years), Mahamaya College, Kandy

Sixes, fours, all are hit,
Wickets are taken, catches are gripped.
Fourteen nations fighting for glory,
Not a care, even it their muscles are ripped.

Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand too,
Are favourites amongst the cricket fans.
The stadiums are packed, the crowds are deafening,
They won’t leave unless they’re banned.

The teams don’t care ‘bout anything else,
The cup that counts is their aim,
Batting, bowling and fielding too,
Will be exceptional these days for fame.

I am a pencil

By Dayan Samarasinghe (9 years), S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia

I was born in a factory with many brothers and sisters. I have a rubber cap on top of me with orange and black lines on my body. I was put into a box and taken to a shop in a lorry.

I was kept on a shelf in the shop. It was my favourite place as many children admired me and touched me. I was taken by a boy to his house. He looked after me well. I went to school with him daily. I hated being sharpened. I helped the boy to write neatly. I grew shorter daily.

When I was very short, I was put into a bottle with new friends all my size. I am still at this boy’s home, with my friends.

Visit to the Logos Hope

By Bhagya Pandithakoralege (Grade 8), St. Bridget’s Convent

I got a rare opportunity to visit the “Logos Hope Ship.” It is now anchored at the Colombo Harbour. It is a
non-profiting missionary ship. All the crew members who work there, are from different countries of the world.

She travels from port to port sharing and bringing knowledge, help and hope to the people. Logos Hope is the sister ship of ‘Doulos.’ This is a mobile book fair. You can buy different varieties of books, stationery and DVD’s. All items are priced in international units of currency.

The crew members were very friendly and they all helped us in various ways. The ship also has theatre facilities. There is an exhibition of various cultural items.

One can enjoy the food, ice-cream and soft drinks in the ship café. They have other services to the world such as donating books to schools and orphanages, supplying food items and education to the children.
I encourage the other children to visit the ship and have a wonderful experience.

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