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The value of trees
By Husna Jameel (8 years), Harrow International College

Trees are terrific. They cover the world and provide air and beauty for all to enjoy. There are many uses for trees and their by-products. Trees make life more pleasant. They make the world beautiful. When we go out to parks, where there are lots of trees, we feel peaceful, at ease and most of all happy. It has also been shown that hospital patients recover faster when they are around trees.

People have strong ties with trees. Some people always remember that one tree that they grew up around and never forget it as long as they live. The strength that trees have, gives people a feeling of self strength to help them get through everyday life.

Trees also benefit the environment. They alter the environment in which they live by moderating the climate, improving the air quality, conserving our water source and harbouring wildlife. They take in energy from the sun, block the wind and rain.

Trees also control the temperature. Air quality is also improved through the use of trees, shrubs and turf. Leaves filter the air we breathe by removing the dust and other particles from the air. Rains wash the pollutants to the ground.

Leaves absorb the CO2 from the air to form the carbohydrates that are used in the plants structure and function. In this process, air is produced.

Trees provide the world with so many great things it is impossible to name all. So basically, be good to trees and they will be good to you. That is why I say it again.. Trees are terrific!

My April vacation

By Sachi Wijeyekoon (10 years), St. Bridget's Convent

I went to Haputale for my April vacation. It took about six hours to go to Haputale which is 190kms from Colombo. We spent the New Year in the cool climate of Haputale. We were to stay in a tea estate bungalow.

When we got to the bungalow we were very tired. It was a cosy bungalow with a beautiful garden and fantastic views. After resting, the next day we visited Adisham and Diyaluma Falls.

Adisham was built by a British citizen named Sir Thomas Laster Villiers. He built Adisham to the same design as his house in England. Next we went to Diyaluma Falls. It is the third tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka and the 62nd tallest in the world. The following day we went to Bandarawela and Rawana Ella. Rawana Ella is the 4th tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

In the evenings we played games, different card games and watched TV. Although we planned to visit World's End, it was raining and misty and we could not go. However, we had plenty of things to enjoy in the misty climate of Haputale. I hope I could visit Haputale again.

My favourite subject

By Zafra Rifky (Grade 6), Methodist College

My favourite subject is Science. I like Science because of two main reasons. One is my Science teacher. I like her because she teaches us Science using jokes and entertaining words which attracts us towards the subject. I am very close to her. My other reason is my ambition to be a scientist and invent useful things.

Science is about the environment around us. It teaches us about trees, animals and other things etc. We have interesting words like photosynthesis, autotrophic, phenomena etc., in Science. We have to do experiments and go to the lab, which is very interesting, especially with our Science teacher. Sometimes I feel that we cannot live without science.

I am a person with a lot of questions to be solved. I got the answers to almost half of my questions in Grade Six. I hope my other questions will also be solved by science quickly.

I always come second in our Science class at school. I really wish that I could come first and I am trying my best to be. We have to think a lot to do Science. Sometimes I feel that Science is the best subject in the world.

Colombo - the place to be!

By William Bebb (Year 5), British School in Colombo

Colombo is west of an island, which hangs like a teardrop off the southern coast of South India, called Sri Lanka. Colombo is filled with astonishing, breath-taking shopping malls that will sweep you off your feet! Gems, gems, gems, glistening with colours, red, blue and green. Once you have seen these marvellous specimens, there is no turning back – it is a paradise fit for a king.

Colombo is a bowl of fine, steamed, red country rice surrounded with curries with lovely flavours from creamy to spicy – a taste that you must experience. Curry is not all that is found on this glorious island, there are fruits like the banana, mango, pineapple and the mandarin.

The hotels are absolutely luxurious and if you come here you have to visit the beaches – it's a must. To top that, the staff are very kind and friendly. Here the seas are filled with beautiful exotic fish with outstanding colours, glowing in fresh, crystal clear, blue water above them. There are many rivers which make Colombo a great place for fishing!

The main sport played in Colombo is cricket, but don't forget football, tennis and rugby. If you watch
cricket, live at a stadium it is really fun especially when you are surrounded by fascinating and
exquisite backgrounds!

Mother’s Day

By Vinotheeba Reginald (14 years), Good Shepherd Convent, Kotahena

Mother’s Day is celebrated to honour Mothers. The founder of Mother’s Day is Anna M. Jarvis, a Philadelphia school teacher. The first observance for mothers’ day was a church service to honour Anna's mother, Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis. Anna handed out her mother's favourite flower, the white
carnation, on this occasion.

Then in 1914, the American President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday in May as a national holiday in honour of mothers. After that everyone started to celebrate this day to
honour their mothers.

Mother is the one who brings us into the world. The first word we say is "Mother." The first teacher of a child is their mother. Mother is the only reason for what we are today.

So it is our duty to respect our mothers and give happiness to them. We must also understand that our mother has brought us into the world after facing difficulties. No person is equal to mother.

Children celebrate Mother’s Day by preparing their mother's favourite dish. Some give cards and a bunch of flowers. We must be thankful to our mother. Let's do our best to make our mother happy!

My favourite book

By J. Balavyshnavi (Grade 7), St. Mary's College, Trincomalee

"Good books are good friends of a man". I read lots of books. But the book I like the most is 'The Secret Seven'. It is written by my favourite author Enid Blyton. There are fifteen books in this series.

Some of the books are, 'Secret Seven Adventure', 'Well Done Secret Seven', 'Go ahead Secret Seven', 'Secret Seven Mystery'. I love all the books.

This book is about seven children who are members of their own club 'Secret Seven'. They are Peter, Janet, Jack, Barbara, Pam, Colin and George. And Peter and Janet's pet Scamper the golden spaniel. They have their meetings in a shed behind Janet’s house. On the door there are two big letters S.S. It was made by Peter.

They have passwords and badges for their club. Jack’s sister Susie always tries to know what is
happening. The seven hate her. Even Scamper does not like her. The seven get into many exciting adventures. They meet thieves, murderers, burglars and many strangers in their adventures. They all get together and solve the mystery with the help of their parents. But mostly they solve it on their own.

Tourism in Sri Lanka

By Ashik Najimudeen (Grade 8) Trinity College, Kandy

Tourism is one of the major sources of income in Sri Lanka. The historical, cultural and religious
factors have attracted tourists all over the world to visit this island of paradise. The hospitality of the Sri Lankans too adds to the increase of tourists.

During their vacations, we see many tourists coming to Sri Lanka especially to see the Kandy Dalada Perahera, the Temple of the Tooth Relic, Sigiriya rock fortress, Galle Fort and many more. The greenery and the beautiful sceneries make them love our country more and more.

In the recent past, there had been a drop in tourism due to the war, which prevailed for thirty years. The worst of it was, the bomb explosion at the Katunayake airport. With the end of the war, there has been a rapid increase of tourists to Sri Lanka.

They expect proper roadways, comfortable lodging and delicious meals to their satisfaction. Sri Lanka is blessed with marvellous gifts of nature, such as cascading waterfalls, high soaring hills, long rivers and many endemic species of animals. If tourism is to increase we should maintain the natural look and improve our short-comings without destruction.

Brave son

By Sanidu M. Arachchige (Grade 3) Lyceum International School, Yakkala

One day my sister Bunchy and I went for a walk in the woods. It became dark and we could not find our way. We came to a wooden house. I was fearless like Ben 10.

I slowly pushed the door. There was a Zombie. It came towards my sister. I leapt and swung a fist into the zombie. There were some ropes. I took the rope quickly and tied the zombie. I saw that the zombie was wearing a mask. I removed it. Goodness! It was a thief.

I phoned the police and went home with Bunchy. I told my parents about the incident, but they didn't believe at once. But later, they praised me and were very happy and said, "We are proud to have a brave son like you!!!"

My grandma

By Ravindu Pathiraja (6 years), Leeds International School, Ambalangoda

She is very kind to me. She lives in Kandy. She loves me. Her husband is Mr. Bandara. Her name is Ramani. When she comes to our house, she brings me toys. She wears spectacles. I wish she could come and stay with me.

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