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By Saumya Pandithakoralege (5 years), St. Bridget's Montessori

I am
I am a girl.
I am good.
I can sing.
I can


By Tharin Dabarera (7 years), St. Peter's College, Bambalapitiya

Christmas is the time when Jesus our saviour was born. It falls on December 25, every year. We go to our relatives and friends houses during Christmas.

We get gifts and clothes for Christmas. Christians go to church at midnight on Christmas and Santa comes to our homes and gives us gifts too.

During Christmas it snows in other countries. Christmas is the merriest time of the year. I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Holiday activities

By Uzma Khan (Grade 5), Muslim Ladies College, Bambalapitiya

Holidays are a time to be free like a bird. No timetables, tests, tuition classes or reports. We can sleep till late and watch cartoons with less scolding from our mothers.

I like to start my holiday with a little bit of gardening. I must arrange the pots in a different order and add some new plants to my garden.

I must spend some time to arrange my library and my room should be given a new look for the New Year. My table should be kept ready to welcome my Grade Six books.

I also hope to spend some time with my cousins at Dehiwala and with my grandparents in Chilaw. That surely will be an enjoyable time.

My father promised to take us to see the Christmas decorations in the town, to Leisure World and Guruge Nature Park.

I am scared that my holiday will be over before all these things could be done. These are all my fun packed holiday activites.

My school trip

By Aysha Nazar (Grade 4), Aba-beel International College

It was a Wednesday, I went on a trip with my classmates and teachers. We started the journey early in the morning. Our plan was to go to Tiyari Orphanage and to Alli company.

First we went to the Tiyari Orphanage. We reached there at about 12. On the way some children danced and some children sang songs, while others were waiting quietly. We went in two buses.

Next we went to Alli Company. We saw many food items, such as noodles and cordials, etc.
Some children brought items. Later we stopped and had lunch. After lunch, one of our buses got a tyre puncture. So we waited for some time.

We reached our school around 8 p.m. Later my father came and picked me up. I was tired that day. After I reached my home I fell asleep. That was a wonderful day. Next year I hope that I can go to a
different place.

My brother

By Ruwanya Athukorala (Grade 2), Musaeus College

My brother's name is Sanuka. His school is Kids World International. He likes to eat melon. He likes to drink tea. His favourite cartoon is SpongeBob. I love my brother very much.

My favourite singer

By Demi Pereira (12 years), OLV Convent, Moratuwa

My favourite singer is the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He was born on August 29, 1958. He was an American. He has four brothers and three sisters. Germaine, Randy, Janet and La Toya are some of them.

Michael was a very talented singer and dancer. No one could dance the moonwalk like him. The movie 'This is it' created by him was so awesome. 'Blood on the dancefloor', 'Scream', 'Smooth Criminal' are some of his great hit songs. He was the winner of many World Music Awards. He won a Grammy award in 1993 and it was presented to him by his sister Janet.

Michael was against the discrimination of black people. He was a great singer for teenagers like us. I always wished to meet Michael someday. But unfortunately he left us so soon on June 25, 2009.

I was so sad about it. but I will never forget this talented singer whom everyone loved.

The elephant

By Amathulla Aliasger (Primary 1), Burhani Serendib School

The elephant is a big animal. It is black in colour. It has a big body and small eyes. It has a trunk. Also it has big ears like a fan and four legs like pillars.

Elephants live in forests and the zoo. It likes to eat plantains. They bathe and play in the river. It is very nice to see them. We all like to ride an elephant.

Elephants are very beautiful when they are dressed for the Kandy Perahera. They are very colourful and shining. It is a very useful animal. It can carry heavy loads. We have beautiful elephants in Sri Lanka.

Wonderful day in my life

By Lankadinee Rathuwadu (13 years), Anula Vidyalaya

It was a Tuesday. I rose early and wore my school uniform. It was my father's birthday as well. I wanted to give him a small present. At 3 o'clock when I came home, there was a nice present on the table. I quickly opened my present and checked what it was.

It was a large parcel full of 'Richard' books. I wondered who presented me the books. Suddenly it came to my mind that I had participated in the Handwriting Competition in the Funday Times. I told all this to my family. They were also happy and my father organised a party for me.

It was an unforgettable and wonderful day for me. I must thank the Funday Times for organising this type of competition.

My sister

By Mohamed Fazal (Grade 4), Royal International School, Kegalle

My sister's name is Ilma. She is four years old. She is studying at Royal International School, Kegalle. She likes to eat apples. She likes to drink mango juice. She likes to play with dolls. She can study well. I love my sister. She is a good girl.


By Achini Kavindya (11 years), Baddegama

Bees are very special insects in the world. They collect nectar and store it in the hive. Bees are very quick insects. Bees are not lazy. Bees' hive is built by nectar from flowers. The hive has a queen bee. Her work is to lay eggs and produce bees.

Bees work in unity. A bee hive has soldiers and workers. Soldiers protect the eggs and the hive. Workers store nectar. We can get many good things from bees.

A wonderful village

By Pooja Liyanage (12 years), Heiyanthuduwa

As we all know, Bandarawela is a very cold village, and also wonderful. It's not as famous as Nuwara Eliya, but there are many things to see, more than Nuwara Eliya.

People usually take visitors to Nuwara Eliya as it's very cold and because of the nice sceneries to see and take photographs by standing in front of these beautiful sceneries.

People have almost forgotten about this little village which also has beautiful sceneries like famous waterfalls, hills, mountain plains as well as beautiful flower gardens which contain over 200
different types of beautiful flowers. There are also many tourist resorts with all the facilities to attract tourists.

I have visited Bandarawela several times. I have stayed there for many days when I was small. Those are very memorable days. When I get up in the morning I always get a sneak peep at the outside from the
window. I was delighted because of the beautiful background. There was mist all around and the flowers were laughing at me by peeping from the grasses.

Here the day and night are also very nice. The surroundings are filled with nature. I love this wonderful place. I would like to invite you to this small village and to see the difference.

My church choir

By Ronald Sivayoganathan (7 years), Gateway College, Kandy

My church is at Piachaud Gardens. The name of the church is Light House Church. My church will have its
annual carol service on December 20. Our church choir master's name is Nasen George. Our master is kind. He gives us playtime at the breaks. He uses a whistle to call us inside the church once the break is over.

My favourite song is 'A Great Light'. These are some of the other songs we sing at the church choir: 'Hark the Herald Angels sing', 'Once Upon a Child'.

Children from other churches also come there, even adults come there. This is the first time I am taking part in the church carols. My class teacher is also taking part in the church choir.

I love to sing and praise Jesus. I like my church choir very much.

An unforgettable day in my life

By Anuradha Gamage (13 years), Kekirawa Central College

It was a school day and as usual I worshipped my parents and got onto our bike. As other days, my father drove the bike. I sit in the back and my sister sits in front. I said bye to my mother and father started to go.
On the way I saw one three-wheeler try to overtake and a dog cross the road.

Then I felt we were going to fall. After a few minutes I understood what happened. All the vehicles stopped and people came towards us. I stood up. I saw my sister's head was wounded and father's hand and leg were wounded. Not only that, his uniform too was torn. But nothing happened to me.

One of our neighbours stopped his car and took my sister and father to the hospital. It was the most fearful incident that I had, and I will never forget it.

Are you fashionable?

By Chathuka Bandara (Grade 9), Sussex College, Kurunegala

People have been wearing clothes for thousands of years. But we don't know why the prehistoric man did so. There must be some reason. It was needed for protection from hard weather and from injuries while hunting. Maybe they covered their bodies for modesty.

Clothing and accessories tell us a lot about ancient people. In 1991, a 5000 year old frozen body was found on Alps in glaciers. He was wearing a fur cap, coat, and leggings; also leather boots and a grass cape. These clothes would have kept him warm and dry for years.

Today experts think that clothing is a kind of language. People wear clothes to show what kind of person they are and what kind of things they think about themselves.

In Europe, most of the people copy the fashions of Spice Girls. Most of the girls copied their platform shoes and faced accidents too.

High heels are very uncomfortable to wear and walk in. There were platform shoes as tall as seven inches. Can you imagine walking in them? So, first think of your comfort and health, then the fashion.

My pet

By Nelunika Kapuwatte (Year 1), Gateway College, Kandy

My pet is a dog. It can run fast. It likes to eat meat. Its colour is white. Its name is Sherry. It likes to play with me. I like my pet.

My birthday party

By Kalendra Abeysinghe (Grade 3), St. Benedict's College, Kandy

I celebrated my 7th birthday on December 4. My parents brought a cake, and my father brought me a Ben 10 watch as a present. My mother brought me a beautiful pencil. My sister brought me a beautiful birthday card.

Everyone in my family wished me for my birthday. It was a grand party.

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