10 hottest games for 2009

The new year is going to be an exciting one for gamers with some ground-breaking games planned to be released throughout the year. Here is a sneak preview into what I believe are the 10 hottest games to come out in the PC, XBOX and PS3 consoles.
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HALO 3: Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (XBOX 360)

An obvious selection for this list, the game play of Halo 3: ODST bears a strong resemblance to previous Halo games. The difference is that the character played will be "Rookie," a UNSC solider and not as the Master Chief. Since this ODST does not possess Master Chief's superhuman abilities and armour, you'll be much more vulnerable to weapons fire, thus suggesting a stealthier shooter. The main objective of the game is to lead the Rookie through the ruins of Mombasa and discover what happened to his missing teammates. The game has obviously been designed to be more tactical, driving the gamer to put more thinking into the play rather than going on a rampage and shooting stuff randomly.


Said to be the most graphically polished first person shooting game to date, The Conduit is definitely going to attract more gamers to the Wii console. Developed by High Voltage, it has already won several awards following its first appearance and demonstration at E3 2008. Some of the awards included Best Shooter Game of 2008 (Wii) and Best Graphics Technology of 2008 (Wii).

The storyline focuses on an alien invasion of Washington D.C in the near future. The alien race uses the eponymous Conduits, which are portal-like devices, to deploy their forces throughout the city. An organization called the Trust sends Mr. Ford, the character you play into the area to discover the reasons for the attack and a story is unfold.


Based on the original Dawn of War that was released back in September 2004, the sequel is set to showcase the series-standard visceral combat, as well as new features such as a non-linear single-player campaign and co-operative multiplayer. This game will definitely push the boundaries of RTS (Real Time Strategy) game playing.


A sequel that needs little introduction. A massive hit among the play station fans, God of War 1 and 2 set the standards for role playing, adventure games. In God of War 3, it will continue to break new grounds, by running on full 1080p HD resolution, and there has been some interest expressed in adding a cooperative mode. Having the option of playing Kratos side-kick, will be very cool!


Without any doubt, Star Craft has to be one of the best real-time strategy games available today. In the sequel, we will see the return of the three original races although StarCraft 2 is planned as a trilogy of sorts with Terran: Wings of Liberty, Zerg: Heart of the Swarm, and Protoss:

Legacy of the Void being released separately. The only downside is having to buy the 3 games separately. But then again, this is Star Craft and it could be worth the money. I expect this to be a highly polished game with an emphasis on addictive multi player.


Following the massive hit Call of Duty 4 (better known as COD 4), this is set to be released sometime late 2009. Little is known about this game right now, but definitely one of the hottest games to look out for.


MadWorld is a completely uncompromising bloody and violent horror game to change the way you see the Wii. Painted in black and white, like a comic, with a splash of red for the blood, its a game that immediately grabs your attention. And then it refuses to let go by thrilling you with its unbelievable combat moves, such as the ability to throw street signs through enemies' heads or slice them up with your Wii Remote-controlled chainsaw-arm. Very cool !


Gran Turismo (GT) offered the most realistic driving experience in a game. Although the series didn't do that well, GT 5 is hyped to bring back the magic introducing Ferrari into its over 900 cars and also providing online gaming facility for up to 16 players. BBC's popular motor show, Top Gear will also provide with their test track for players to drive on. Gamers, start your engines!


PS3 took off to a flying start with Assassin's Creed in 2007. The sequel, is bound to be much better and is rumored to be set in the 1700s during the French Revolution.


Developed by Ensemble Studios, Halo Wars is expected to be a mind blowing RTS experience. RTS newcomers will also be relieved to know that Halo Wars will be geared towards intense combat. But the very best part about this game, is the advanced multi player capabilities.

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