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Sunday, April 01, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 44
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    A Poem for the week

My cousins

My cousins are younger than me. They are living at Ulhitiyawa. That is two kilometers away from my house. Both of them are in Grade Four. Their names are Suchini and Hiruni. They like to play with me. On some weekends they come to our house or I go to their house. Suchini likes fried rice, Hiruni likes milk rice. Both of them know how to swim in the sea. They want to teach me swimming, but I am afraid of the sea. Their house is at Ulhitiyawa beach. They have a good collection of seashells. Suchini and Hiruni have long hair. We are good friends.

Tharuka Fernando
(9 years)
Holy Family Primary BV, Wennappuwa


A poem for the week

Parents are the people,
Who care for you when small,
And parents are the
Who help you to stand up tall.

My father is a doctor,
And my mother as well,
They help me in my studies,
And stories they do tell.

They provide me with everything,
And make me happy too,
That's why I love them,
I do, I do, I do!

Menasha Udayakumara (Grade 9)
Ecole International, Digana


The intelligent Dachshund

Dale was a very intelligent dachshund who lived years ago in Atlantis, when humans didn't live. Atlantis was home to a myriad number of dogs. This was a dog city with dogs being more civilized than humans. Dogs could even build houses.

Dale who was the most intelligent dog in Atlantis shared a doghouse with his three foolish and wicked brothers, Hale, Tale and Male. These three became very jealous of their brother’s popularity and decided to kill him. It so happened, that Dale overheard their plans and decided to save himself.

Dale came to his brothers and said, "O dear brothers, you can be more popular than me and be the richest in this kingdom. As I'm old, I cannot accompany you. There is a land in the Oak Forest where billions of money and bones are hidden. You can go and dig that whole place and be rich." He asked them to give the house ownership as they would be richer and wouldn't need this house. Thus the stupid dogs agreed and gave Dale their house.

After years of searching, they found nothing . When they came back, Dale told them how he had told a lie to save himself and to get this house. Now here are the dogs outside Dale's doghouse, begging him to let them in.

Nehru Selvalingam
(12 years)
Belvoir College International


It rained all day…

It rained all day but I was never bored because my best friend Cassie had come to stay with me. First we played some card games with my kid sister Jessica. She won all by peeking at the cards we had.

Suddenly I had a brilliant idea. "Why don't we make something," I said. "Like what?" asked Cassie. 'I'll show you," I said.

First we got some macaroni of different shapes. Then we put them in a bag with food colouring and shook it hard. When we took them out they were pink. Then we took some green gram and painted them so that they looked like eyes and glued them on so that the macaroni looked like alien faces. After we finished we placed them on a table and admired our work.

Then Cassie suddenly noticed it had stopped raining. Now we could go out and play. And if Cassie wasn't here today I would have died of boredom.

Farah Rameez (10 years)
Ilma International School


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