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24th September 2000
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Song of the Sea

Capri. Piccola Marina
Eternal blowing from the sea,
Seawind at night;
You blow at no one's behest
And whosoever cannot rest
Must see
How he
Can bare you;
Primeval blowing from the sea.
Sweeping in
Primeval scree
From the furthest reaches of the sea
And how can the lonely fig-tree 
Up above the rocky height
Bare you,
Blossoming white
in the moonlight?

Rainer Maria Rilke
Translated from German by Anne Ranasinghe


A pilgrim
In search of love and kindness
Picked an angelic voice
In the twilight hour of the quest.
Almost a faint hum
But rising above all the clatter.
Soothing melody
Capturing the rhythm of his heart
Lifting him high above the clouds
Healing his wounded soul.
Each note so perfect.
Perfect.... Perfect?
It's his requiem
Tearful eyes
Gazed at the most beautiful he's
ever met.
Oh! Why? Oh! Why?
I failed to see thee
When you were so close.

Thushara Chathuranga


That day we met,
You touched a chord in my heart.
An unutterable, wordless communication 
Passed between us;
And I knew the world would 
Never be the same for me again.
We talk of pizza, Mozart and butterflies, 
Whether there is a guardian angel watching over us;
In short, all sorts of tommy-rot.
But there's no doubt about it in my mind,
For everytime you glance at me or talk,
Everytime I think of you,
A song rises within my heart.


Song of life

There she was up on stage
The spotlight on her 
The opening notes 
She sang in a voice of a nightingale
Her grand night
A night she would never forget
The words just slipped through her lips
The audience were mesmerized
Not for the words
Not for the meaning 
But only for her voice and beauty 
She sang along
Fast it came to an end
She was off stage
The applause was thunderous
Silence fell 
Someone else took her place
And all was forgotten

Tinaz Amit

A song of peace

I've never heard them sing it.
But they often tried to catch the perfect tune. 
Then always ended up flat on the "F" sharp
They hopelessly tried again and failed,
It would have been indeed the most enchanted of all melodies.
If, only if, they could have achieved it, 
But what I would really like to know is, 
did they actually try their very best?

Pioma Dassanaike.


Each day brought a different tune,
Wiping the doubt away from her innocent face
But soon she turned away,
for he was beginning to sound rather flat. 

Prasadini Nanayakkara

Song of remembrance & regret 

(Dedicated to all victims of violence)
Cherished ashes are preserved in urns.......
Charred bones lie scattered
In jungles, fields and cities.......
Countless more in river beds
And ocean depths.
Blood-drenched bodies
And blossom-filled parks
Flood the TV screens....
Men and women maimed by misanthropes, 
Children changed into zombies
By monstrous maniacs.
TV shows the dying agonies 
Of birds and beasts...
We hear the groans of tortured cattle, 
Dogs, elephants
And all the others
The doomed cries of forest-roaming animals
Suddenly trapped in man-made snares, 
Have become the grieving,
Never-ending song 
Of Planet Earth.

Jegatheeswari Nagendran


Is a song
I've been singing
Since the beginning.
I sang it then
just a set of
Cuddlesome words,
With no meaning
No melody,
everyone around me,
kissed me & hugged me, 
said that they loved me.
While walking down the streets,
in my early twenties,
I sang to him,
He took my hands
looked into my eyes
and said that 
he loved me.
Still I'm singing
in a trembling voice
knowing the exact
meaning and the melody
no one listens.

Jayamalee Jayaweera

Migrant Blues

I strain to hear the distant song of the ocean
But I don't 
To a babel of voices, 
I yearn to hear the accents of a known tongue 
but I don't
from the window,
I hope to see a road so familiar...
But I don't .
I ache to encounter a face,
A gait, I know -
But I don't 
I try to make - believe that I belong;
But I don't
I long to be in the land
Where my soul lives, and my heart beats...

Coomerene Rodrigo

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