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14th May 2000
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Is disaster your middle name?

Does it seem as if you just can't get it right: whatever you try, things keep going wrong. Answer these questions to find out why.

1. Have you ever won a raffle, prize or competition?

a. yes, I win things all the time
b. no, I have given up trying
c. once I won a raffle prize

2. Have you ever gambled on sporting events?

a. no, I would lose
b. occasionally I have a go
c. yes, and I have won a lot of money

3. Have you ever had a car accident?

a. yes, I have had lots
b. no, I keep out of trouble
c. just one small incident

4. Do you lose things?

a. yes, I am constantly losing keys, bags, umbrellas, gloves
b. no, I am very careful
c. just the odd thing

5. Are you accident prone?

a. no, nothing has ever happened to me
b. no, I take care of myself
c. yes, I am always going to the hospital

6. Are you unlucky in love?

a. yes, I can never keep anyone
b. yes, I have been divorced three times
c. no, I am happily married

7. Are your children unlucky?

a. yes, they are always falling over or having accidents
b. no, things always seem to work out for them
c. no, they are just average

8. Do you break things?

a. yes, I am always dropping cups and glasses
b. yes, I have broken my leg twice
c. no, I am careful not to

9. Do you think Fate has it in for you?

a. no, I don't believe in such things
b. yes, it can't always be my fault
c. sometimes it feels like that

10. Why do some people seem luckier than others?

a. because they think ahead
b. because they don't take unnecessary risks
c. because Lady Luck smiles on them

Now calculate your score

1. a10 b0 c5
2. a0 b5 c10
3. a0 b10 c5
4. a0 b10 c5
5. a10 b5 c0
6. a5 b0 c10
7. a0 b10 c5
8. a0 b5 c10
9. a10 b0 c5
10. a10 b5 c0

What your score means

66-100: If there is such a thing as Lady Luck, then she definitely seems to smile on you - or perhaps you are just careful to make sure things don't go wrong.

35- 65: Like most people, you have the odd stroke of bad luck, but on the whole things work out well for you most of the time.

0- 34: You sound like a one-person disaster area. Perhaps you should try thinking ahead a little more, or maybe cut down on the risks you take. 

Asia Features

Little acts of Love

"We will not guarantee that your father is going to lead a normal life even after a by-pass operation, even right now he is like a time bomb, we don't know what is going to happen. It will only take a miracle to heal him ...." I walked out of the CCU with these words of the doctor echoing in my head. It was nearly a week since my father had got a heart attack and was in hospital. My brother and I went through this same experience 9 years ago, when my father had his first attack. The difference this time was that my mother was not with us (she passed away 3 years ago) and the news about my father was not very good.

I walked back to school doing my very best to avoid everyone as I didn't want to face that dreadful question which was generally asked with such love and concern. Controlling my emotions I sat at my table to continue my day's work. By now all my students had gone back home except about three or four of them who stayed on to be picked up by their big sisters at 2.p.m. Suddenly I heard a little voice ask me "Teacher how is your father today?" It was little Sadhana asking me that question that I dreaded the most. Tears stung my eyes, my throat went dry. All that I could do was to look at her silently. Then she looked at me with a sweet smile and said "not very good, is he?" I just could not understand how a little 8-year-old could see the pain a 22-year-old was going through ... but the miracle was that she did.

Two weeks later just as the doctors and we feared, my father passed away. As I stood by him for the last time in my life I saw little Sadhana walk up with her parents. Personally, I didn't want any of my students to see me unhappy. But here was this little girl who stayed on throughout the service and even till we laid our father to rest. And then with a warm, loving kiss she went her way.

A few days later I returned to school, as it was the end of term and there was so much to do. As I was busily doing my work one day, Sadhana came up to me and asked "Teacher, do you and your brother miss your father very much?" This time I was able to answer her and said "Yes". I was immediately touched when she said "don't worry Teacher, because your father is with Jesus, so whenever you think of him you must be happy." What great strength, encouragement and hope I recieved from those little words, which spoke a great truth.

A few days later Sadhana lost her grandmother whom she loved and spoke of very much. She came back a very unhappy child. It was my turn now to give back the strength that she gave me. 

One Friday she brought her little sister Sathya along and said. "Teacher tomorrow is my Grandma's memorial service and we are going to sing a song. Shall we sing it to you?" I don't regret for a moment in my life that I put down my pen, closed all my books that had to be corrected and listened to those two sweet little voices that sang a song of comfort ... A song that will alwasy be in my heart to strengthen, encourage and help me to face the stormy days that will come my way in life.

Sadhana is not in my class anymore. But she still visits me, asks me how my brother and I are getting on and sings to me along with her little sister (always at the most needed moment too). And I in turn have learned to be glad and content in the love that I find in little things around me. Everyone of you out there too could find this love. All we need to do is to open our hearts to recieve this love which God showers on us so generously.

Shanthi Daniel

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