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22nd August 1999

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Perumal's memo irks top brass

Varatharaja Perumal, the EPRLF politician once unilaterally declared independence (UDI) and fled to India for safety. Early this year, he was back in Sri Lanka to enter "democratic politics" under a unitary state.

In an eight page confidential memorandum to the PA leadership, Mr. Perumal, has made some severe strictures, not only on the LTTE but also on the security forces. The crux of his memorandum is to convince the PA leadership that he (Mr Perumal) and his men should be given arms.

Military top brass who have received copies of the memorandum (for their observations) are furious at some of the points Mr. Perumal has made. Here are a few:

"Age, sex, professional status or social status of a Jaffna person does not have any meaning for a soldier or an LTTE member. The face of every ordinary citizen of Jaffna shows very explicitly their fearful state. They don't have any courage to look anyone straight in the face. They walk with their heads hanging down as if they pay venerable respect to anyone crossing them. Suspecting everyone has become part of their life in Jaffna.

"……Whatever reasons the Government and Army top brass may have for preventing members of Tamil parties carrying weapons even for self protection, it is no doubt an advantage to the LTTE and very compatible with their agenda.

"….Movements of members of Tamil parties have been curtailed very much by the death notices and killing activities of the LTTE , as the members of the Tamil parties are told by the Army not to carry weapons outside unless they identify themselves by wearing Army or Police uniforms…"

The last para is a reference to an Army offer to train four bodyguards each for Tamil politicians who require security. The Army insists that upon completion of training, such persons should be in Police uniform.

Numbers game

Does the LTTE resort to an auspicious numbers game when they trigger off incidents ? Some intelligence sleuths seem to think so.

A study of explosions in the north and east during the period January 1, 1999 to May 31, 1999, intelligence officials say, reveal 20 "significant/major incidents" have been launched on important dates.

Here is their observation: "An analysis of these incidents revealed a patttern: (1) There were five incidents recorded on Fridays with four each recorded on Mondays and Saturdays. (2) Six incidents occurred between 0600 hours and 0800 hours with four incidents recorded between 0800 hours and 1100 hours and three incidents between 1400 hours and 1700 hours. (3) Six incidents were launched on the dates with the number 01 with three incidents each on the dates with the number 02 and 06 and (5) The majority of the incidents, 13 were recorded in the Wanni mainland."

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