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18th July 1999

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Snooping continues

The Jungle Telegraph (June 27) report about sexual harassment the lady cop at the DII Registry made against a top sleuth none other than the man who is reportedly responsible for wire taps has had its sequel.

The snooper has been transferred out of the Directorate of Internal Intelligence to a post at the Bandaranaike International Airport.

But snooping has not stopped, not even for Alia. A new man has taken over the assignment.

Left Sri Lanka?

Chief Inspector Mohamed Nilabdeen, head of the counter terrorism unit of the Mount Lavinia Police, escaped death at the hands of a suicide bomber on March 16.

Even if a woman guerrilla was killed and a man swallowed cyanide ending his life, leads from the incident led to the Police to unravel at least one big LTTE ring operating in the City. Some top rungers who were arrested bared more details of LTTE activity.

But Court action against them and others related to the attempt on Mr. Nilabdeen have been hampered by an unexpected development.

Insiders say Mr. Nilabdeen has left Sri Lanka and has sought asylum in Australia.

Army alerted

A twelve member armed LTTE group has landed in Pottana, a coastal area in the strict natural reserve area or Block II of the Yala sanctuary.

The news reached the Hambantota Police from a fisherman. Both the Navy in the southern waters and the Army have now been alerted.

Probed again

Brigadier Parry Liyanage, who has filed a fundamental rights application in the Supreme Court, over his not being promoted, has been interviewed again by CID detectives. This is said to relate to investigations now under way into some cases of disappearances.


The British firm now locked in a legal controversy over the supply of 3,000 pieces of Body Armour for the Sri Lanka Army may be lucky over another deal.

Another service organisation, insiders say, is to award an order For Ballistic Buoyancy Vests to this firm though another contender had been recommended by a Technical Evaluation Committee.

If rival contenders were accused of scuttling the Body Armour deal, they have not been able to do so with these vests. Have the others been craftily torpedoed?

Uniform material

Army Headquarters has acted on the report in these columns last week about the procurement of oli ve green uniform material for the Sri Lanka Army.

The report said "There are whispers in the corridors of Army Headquarters that the main contender, a manufacturer in China, had two reprsentatives bidding, one a state trading arm and the other a private firm."

Army Commander Lieutenant General Sri Lal Weerasooriya has ordered a review of the award.

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