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15th November 1998

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Devil dance

It was the dance of the devil last week in 5 star style. Only those with Access were allowed in though some preferred not to be seen in public because of the ugly names given to the young man from Wattala who has made it in life.

But for him life is philosophical. Amidst the booze, band and banter came a sobering speech as well. "Life is uncertain. Death is certain," he told the half drunk guests of his.

After all it was he who proudly acclaimed that "only a bullet can stop me" in one of his rare interviews.

He went on and on to his captive audience and he wound up his sermon with the stirring words (Which meant?)

"Those who know us know us. Those who dont know us will never know us."

Shakespeare, Milton, Shaw. No the original Sumal, the arms dealer. Hear Hear and thunderous applause from an appreciative fan club which concluded the treasurer of a political party claiming to be the Government in-waiting. Shame Shame.


There seems to be something that happens when a British VIP decides to come here. When HRH Charles was to come they blasted the Maligawa. When he came the IGP fainted.

This time it was Fatchett's turn. The AirLanka plane bringing him had to turn back to Heathrow. No, not a bomb scare but technical trouble.

As a result the High Commissioner had a reception here for him without him. And shortly before the VIP arrived an RPG took-off at the airport scaring the wits out of the Brits and natives at the VIP lounge.

IRA, LTTE? No SLAF. Jeez! No wonder they all plan on visiting cooler climes after a Sri Lanka visit.

Waiting, no end

And so, yet another appointment and another 3-hour delay.

Newly promoted N-E Governor Maj. Gen. Asoka Jayawardena (only recently demoted from Wanni Commander to HQ and promoted back to Jaffna Commander) was to take his oaths at 10.30 a.m. No not even most of his colleagues knew that he had so suddenly shed his uniform for that of civvy street.He waited and waited and waited. He finally took his oaths before the President close to 1.30 p.m. Those who serve must stand and wait and those who stand and wait were also served.

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