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15th November 1998

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Psy. ops as understood by the soldier

The Directorate of psychological Operations of the SL Army has published a booklet which is to be distributed among its officers and men, specially those who are presently engaged in "Operation Jaya Sikuru". The booklet is titled "Military Quotations by Sun Tzu". Following are some extracts from the booklet, followed by comments from the soldiers as they have understood Sun Tzu's quotations which were translated into Sinhala.

Sun Tzu's Quotation: All warfare is based on deception. Therefore, when capable, pretend to be incapable; when active inactive; when near make the enemy believe that you are far away; when far away that you are near.

Soldiers' Comment: When you are neither near or far away stay there till the next peace talks begin or the next election campaign starts.

Quotation: In War, what matters is victory not prolonged campaigns. And therefore the General who understands war is the arbiter of the people's fate, and on him depends whether the nation shall be at peace or in danger.

Comment: Thanks to our General our nation is Resting in Peace already.

Quotation: A General is like the spoke of a wheel. If the connection is tight and complete, the wheel will be strong and so will be the State. If the connection is defective, then the state will be weak.

Comment: Unfortunately we have a three wheeler.

Quotation: Do not pursue an enemy who pretends to flee. Refrain from attacking troops whose spirit is keen . Do not swallow baits put out by the enemy.

Comment: And never believe their General Amnesty.

Quotation: There are some roads which we must not follow: some enemy troops we must not fight; some cities we must not attack; some grounds we must not contest; even some orders from the ruler which we must not obey.

Comment: We will, General Sir, we will.

Quotation: We move when there is advantage to gain; we halt when there is none.

Comment: Even nuns says that there is no advantage in moving now.

Sense of humour

H.E. has now gotten interested in matters of National security after being accused of being in Old Blighty during one of the bloodiest battles in the Eelam wars, the not-so-young lady has returned to take a greater interest in the running of the war.

This week among the matters discussed was a piece of equipment that has a chequered-record the mortar direction finding equipment that had to be purchased after we lost some 32,000 mortars in that infamous Zimbabwe ship hijack.

The Big Chief queried from which country we got the mortar direction finding equipment. It does not seem to work apparently from what happened at Mankulam-Kilinochchi.

"I hear these things work once-a-month" she was to say. Good to know she hasn't lost her sense of humour.

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