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13th September 1998

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151 teams battle for Bristol FA Cup

One hundred and fifty one teams will battle it out in the Bristol FA Cup 1998 which commenced this weekend, being played in all districts, sponsored by Ceylon Tobacco for the 10th consecutive year.

The tournament which commenced this weekend will be played in eight groups conducted by the Football Federation of Sri Lanka.

At the starting ceremony of the Bristol FA Cup, held at the Crystal Ballroom of Taj Samudra, the draw was held for the first time in the same way as it is done at the World Cup and the Asian tourneys.

The Brand Manager of Ceylon Tobacco, Janaka Kiridena said at the ceremony that they were pushing the sport to the forefront. Gotfried Thoma, the Chief Executive Officer stated that they would continue to sponsor this game for many years more.

The spectator interest in the sport drew large numbers than rugby matches, and Ceylon Tobacco will play a major role in pushing it further.

Manilal Fernando, the President of the Football Federation praised Ceylon Tobacco for sponsoring the Bristol FA Cup and league championships which would cost over 50 million rupees.

The winners of the eight groups will play in the final round with more outstation teams likely to figure it out with the ultimate winners being presented with Rs. 1 lakh and the runners-up Rs. 50,000/-.

The Golden Boot award too will be made at the finals fixed for December this year at the Sugathadasa Stadium.

The groups are:

Group - 1

Youngsters SC, Eastern Youth SC, Gold Mine SC, Olympic SC, Sunny Mount SC, Comrades SC, Old Dutians SC, Pelawatte Sugar Ind. SC, Young Stars SC, Grand Hotel SC, Naseby Lake Side SC, Red Wings SC, Young Birds SC, Hatton Youth SC, Sri Padians, Renown SC, Young Brothers SC, Navy Sea Hawks SC, SL Port Authority SC.

Group - 2

Old Bens SC, Young Mates SC, Hornesey SC, Fordyce SC, Old Anurudhians SC, Young Marians SC, Gampola Youth SC, Red Star SC, Evershine SC, Young United SC, Green Park SC, Golden Star SC, Hyline SC, Stanley Janz SC, Gajaba SC, Cameroon SC, Jolly Boys SC, Eastern Eagle SC, Trinco Olympic SC.

Group - 3

Jupiters SC, Kandy York SC, Sun Rise SC, Red Diamond SC, Gampola United SC, Red Lions SC, Manchester SC, Mawanella United SC, Serendib SC, Kegalle Youth SC, Maya SC, Pelicans SC, Red Diamonds SC, Silver Tongues SC, Victory SC, Cooray SC, Vaeni SC, Eveready SC, Kirula Stars SC.

Group - 4

Police SC, Dynamic SC, Freedom SC, Jetliners SC, Football Club Fortuna SC, Mahara Youth SC, Makola United SC, Thunders SC, Rangers SC, New Rome SC, Karuna United SC, Wimbledon SC, Odidas SC, New Friend SC, Singha SC, Mahajana SC, Maligawatte Youth SC, Soccer Promoters SC, Young Victory SC.

Group - 5

Rantharu SC Galle, O.V.O. SC, Negombo Youth SC, Martians SC, Old Vazians SC, Chilaw United SC, Chilaw Youth SC, Pearl SC, New Stars SC, Old Josephians SC, United SC, Rudra Plg. SC, Kirillapone SC, Ratnam Plg. SC, Army SC, Viking SC, Old Joes SC, Pettah United SC, Superstars SC.

Group - 6

Saunders SC, New Young SC, St. Annes SC, Bolton SC, Liverpool SC, Sputnic SC, Thotawatta SC, Tristar Apparel SC, Don Bosco SC, Western SC, Red Rose SC, Colpetty United SC, Java Lane SC, Soccerfans SC, Wanathamulla Youth SC, Young Silver SC, Welikada Youth SC, Sunny Mount SC, Crescent Light SC.

Group - 7

Air Force SC, Super Field SC, Ratmalana United SC, New Star SC, Blue Star SC, Galle United SC, Galle Youth SC, Golden Rise SC, Super Sun SC, Young Men's SC, Sun Rise SC, Matara Youth SC, Municipal SC, Sapphire SC, Seven Hearts SC, Ratnam SC, York SC, Premil SC, Sun Rise SC.

Group - 8

Renown SC, Moratuwa Katukurunda SC, New Star SC, Samagipura SC, Greenfield SC, Super Beach SC, Berberyn SC, Golden Star SC, Golden Rise SC, Zavia SC, Flying Arrows SC, Golden Galle, Munaweera SC, Colombo Municipality SC, M.H. Mohammed Plg. SC, Sri Lanka Transport Board SC, Carlton SC, Bellmount SC.

More rugby doctors a must

By Bernie Wijesekera

Dr. Daya Atukorale, now a dedicated lover of rugby, spends much of his professional time in the evenings on the playing fields to help alleviate players injured on the field. He started his social career under the tutelage of A.T. Ariyaratne at Nalanda Vidyalaya.

Atukorale, when interviewed by The Sunday Times said that he was a pupil of Sarvodaya leader Ariyaratne, who was also his class teacher.

The affable doctor had a word of praise for his teacher. He not only taught me lessons to go places in life, but also helped those, who are suffering in silence in those remote areas - the underprivileged. It was they, who really benefited from the Sarvodaya leader, who have left an indelible mark in the annals of social service. I was fortunate to be in the scrum with him in their hour of need.

One must be prepared to sacrifice, be it with men or material for the upliftment of the less affluent. I am a practical Buddhist sans caste, race or colour. Buddhism belongs to the whole world and it's not confined to a particular country or a race, he added. "Those who serve the sick serve Buddha". That's right.

Q. Who introduced you to rugby. What made you make it a full-time job helping schools and clubs?

A. It all happened at Havelocks SC by sheer accident. I owe a token of gratitude to former Havies and Sri Lanka prop forward, Royce Samaratunga. It was in 1993, when Samaratunga coaxed me to be the doctor-in-attendance in the Wesley-Kingswood Blaze Trophy schools rugby match. I gladly undertook to discharge the job assigned to me. Mr. Fernando, the vice-principal of Wesley College, a diehard sports promoter had a hand in my initial job. Todate I am helping Wesley.

It didn't stop there. The Havies hierarchy made me a honorary member. Messrs. Y.C. Chang, Anthony and M. Yoosoof and others were a source of inspiration to me. I took up the job to serve not only the Havies, but also clubs like CH&FC (thro Tony Amit), CR&FC, Petersons and the schools in general.

Doctors must serve with dignity even making financial sacrifices, he added. It's a noble profession, sans animosity. Kind words and soothing hands could help overcome pain and suffering. An ice cube and a few encouraging words on the field to an injured player will inspire him to play with gusto.

Q. Is it affecting your professional career?

A. I am attached to Hayleys Group as a full-time physician. The management at Hayleys have given me all support and encouragement to serve the game of rugby in the evenings. Hayleys, too, are promoting sport and giving job opportunities to young prospects to make their future life stable. At times it affects my private practice, but money is not everything in life, he added.

Dr. Atukorale said that Hayleys have nominated him to follow a programme in Sports Medicine organised by the Sri Lanka Sports Medicine Association, to be held from September 18-20, '98, at JAIC Hilton.

Q. Did you follow a course in sports medicine in the past?

A. Well, I was medical officer-in-charge (accidents) in the Nigerian Hospital for three years. It gave me all the experience and knowhow, plus the confidence to handle injured patients. Likewise I could do the same with the injured rugby players, he nodded.

Most important thing in life is that one must be in a position of strength to give back something to others even making personal sacrifices.

The President of the SLRFU Dr. Maiya Gunasekera, too was a source of encouragement to me in my present assignment to be the doctor-in-attendance.

In the past doctors of the calibre of K.B. Sangakkara, V.C. de Silva, Larry Foenander, Hubert Aloysius, C. Thurairaja, Tony de Silva, Trevor Anghie, Makuloluwa, Harry Rasiah, S. Kapuwatte, Fred Perera, H.A.W. Gunawardena, to name a few did a yeoman service for this beautiful sport. Some of them were outstanding rugby players and lovable personalities off the field. One of them was lovable late Hubert Aloysius of the Havies. Today they are unheard of and unsung but they will be remembered for all time as long as this game is played in this country.

Like Dr. Atukorale, they too, made a great sacrifice for this body contact sport which is spreading islandwide unlike in the past when it was confined to a set of selected schools.

Q. While at Nalanda did you take part in any sport? Were there any outstanding sportsmen during your era?

A. I played soccer and I enjoyed it to the maximum but spent much of my time to social service work to help the downtrodden with Mr. Ariyaratne. Even today I am continuing with it with the Lions Club of Sri Jayewardenepura.

As for outstanding sportsmen, Nalanda had made a name in cricket. There were cricketers aplenty in the past. Names like Anura de Silva from Ambalangoda was one of the best to my knowledge. The likes of Lalith Kaluperuma, Jayantha Seneviratne, Wasantha Seneviratne, Sena Kalpage (father of Ruwan), Mahinda Bogollagama, R. Boyagoda were fine willow wielders.

No doctors means no rugby. Be it school, club or otherwise. But it's sad to note in most of the games there is hardly a doctor-in-attendance. But this is a 'must' before the start of a game. Apparently this is not adhered to.

There may be a dearth of doctors to be in-attendance or for that matter even first aid. Rugby football need many more like Dr. Atukorale to cover at his area nd be in-attendance during rugby matches.

This is a cardinal requirement. The Rugby Union headed by Dr. Maiya Gunasekera and his committee, who is striving to put the game on a higher pedestal, must take notice of this all important area. Like umpires in England there is a brochure naming the respective umpires well in advance before the start of the forthcoming season. It may be a daunting task. But nothing is impossible if one has the will power and the courage.

Army Invitation VB '98 tourney

The Sri Lanka Army Invitation Volleyball Tournament 1998 involving the battle of the giants will get underway this weekend in Anuradhapura.

The opening ceremony of this tournament will be held this weekend at the People's Stadium at 9.00 a.m. with the Minister of Social Services Berty Premalal Dissanayake as the Chief Guest.

The teams participating are:

Men - Army, Navy, Police, Airforce, Ports Authority, National Youth Services Council, White Horse Sports Club, Desabandu Patrick Peiris Sports Club.

Women - Army, Airforce, Ports Authority, National Youth Services Council, Anuradhapura District team, Siyabalagoda Kapila Sports Club, Anuradhapura Police.

The finals and prize distribution will be held together with the closing ceremony on September 20 at 2.00 p.m.

The tournament committee has decided to give cash prizes to the finalists which will be officiated by the members of the Sri Lanka Volleyball Referees' Association.

Awards will be made to the best spiker, best setter, best blocker, best digger and best player of the tournament.

This tournament is organised by Lt. Col. K.W.Edema, Vice President of the Sri Lanka Army Volleyball Association and Secretary Major Y.S. Keerthipala, under the guidance of Brigadier P.G. Charles, President Sri Lanka Army Volleyball Association with the blessings of Lt. General Rohan de S. Daluwatta, Commander of the Army.

Hockey National Pool picked

The selection committee for hockey in Sri Lanka has picked on a 26-member pool to the National Pool in preparation for the Asian Games in Bangkok in December this year.

This pool was picked after trials were held at the Astro Turf at Reid Avenue.

The pool picked: D.C. Perera, A. Herath Bandara, M. Raiz, M. Hashimdeen, Indika Hewawasam, Palitha Wasalage, Leenus Jayasekeran, C.K. Gunapala, P. Abeyratne, Ruwan Fernando, Darshana Wijesinghe, Fayal Hameed, Suresh Ediriweera, Herath Bandara, A.J.B. Wijekoon, Asela Perera, Mario Joseph, N. Kudagama, Indika Prasanna, T. Sathis Kumar Bernard, D.R.B. Dissanayake, H.M.C. Senanayake, Ajith Manjula, Nuwan Perera, Saman Jayalath, Godwin Solomons.

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