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8th March 1998

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Two-in-one top man

It happened in the battle areas of the Wanni a few weeks ago.

The embarrassed men were chuckling with laughter.

The top man had arrived at the front, as usual, in military regalia.

The upper part of the camouflage uniform he was wearing was Green (Army) and the bottom blue (Air Force).

That was an unusual sight. But no one was willing to tell the top man.

So they laughed themselves hoarse after he left.

Bandaged spy

Military Intelli gence has confirmed that Captain Suresh Raj helped the LTTE to over run the Mullaitivu military base in July, 1996.

The young officer was attached to the same base.

Now comes the report of the ruse he adopted to prevent himself from being shot when the base came under attack.

He had been told to wear a white bandage around his head.

That seems to have helped.

Intelligence officials say he is now training LTTE cadres to fire artillery.

Lucky bodyguard

The VIP bodyguard indeed is a lucky man.

One of his own bosses, well versed in the fine art of doctoring and engineering, is vying for a top slot.

Come April and he feels he would be the non-military general.

Having visited the VIP, he had a brief encounter with the bodyguard. Feeling his somewhat crumpled safari suit, he said the material was not very good.

I will send you some imported material, he declared. The material did arrive

Sky drama at Ratmalana

If the Maradana bomb explosion last Thursday afternoon made world news, there was a near disaster at Ratmalana which many did not know.

An aircraft belonging to a new private airline was coming into land when it developed engine trouble. As it landed, they were on fire. It even caught the dry grass near the runway.

It was almost the same time as the bomb exploded. Needless to say the 25 passengers on board were shaken.

An SLAF tractor had to tow the aircraft from the runway.

Talking of private airlines, there is another one in the making.

The main men behind are the powerful son of a politico and a businessmen.

There is more room in Serendib for aircraft to operate.

Big strike in east?

Is the LTTE preparing itself for a major strike somewhere in the east?

There were reports this week of a team of 300 cadres undergoing special training in Kokkadicholai in the Batticaloa district.

Special Assignment

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